The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 4

Daniel 11:24-31

v24: ‘He shall do what his fathers have not done’: He is going to take control of Israel’s spiritual leadership.

· Disperse among them the plunder: He is going to try to bribe Israel with seemingly good things – distributing wealth/spoils of war etc to them.

· ‘Only for a time’-He will do this only until the time that he manifests who he really is and what his true intentions are.

v25 He will want to do battle with the south again, in order to be triumphant once and for all. This is a very large battle. The kingdom of the south falls.

v26: The southern army fails, and many will be killed.

v27 Despite their differences, these two kings (north and south) have a common purpose – both are bent on evil (in opposition to the Word of G-d) Both of them are deceitful. These battles (creating chaos) are attempting to lay the foundation for the rise of the antichrist leadership, but it is still not quite the right time for him to rise.

v28: The king of the north returns to his land – very wealthy. His heart/thoughts, however, are still set against the promises and blessings (‘holy covenant”) of G-d to His people.

v29: “At the appointed time’ -end time words used (prophetically linked to those last 3.5 years)

· This time things are going to be different and not like before.

v30: A (?Mediterranean) navy comes against him. He withdraws, but this time he is filled with great wrath (Is the key to his success having Israel on his side? Is Israel not behaving quite like he wants them too, despite all the gifts he has showered on them?)

· He wants people to leave the ‘holy covenant’ and follow him – he encourages/pays attention to those people who decide to rather follow him.

v31: We are, without doubt, speaking about the final antichrist leader in this verse. Others have come and defiled the temple in Jerusalem (Antiochus IV in 167BC slaughtered a pig on the temple altar to Zeus) but the temple is going to be profaned again (Matt 24:15, 2 Thess 2:4).

· In order for the daily sacrifice (which, by the way, are not pleasing to G-d – they are part of a satanic plan to get the Jews to accept a false messiah) to be taken away there has to be a temple (Holy of Holies) in Jerusalem. The antichrist is going to reestablish a temple in Jerusalem – but for his own purpose and not for G-ds.

· When this abomination in the temple takes place (one of the most significant acts in the last days – when the antichrist sits in the Holy of Holies and declares he is G-d) there is +-3.5yrs left for this leader to rule and before Yeshua’s second coming (If this is how the man of lawlessness reveals himself then according to the verse in Thessalonians the rapture will be imminent at the fulfillment of this verse).

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