The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 5

Daniel 11:32-40

v32 Daniel is talking about two groups of people here – those who do wickedly and follow the antichrist, and those who follow and know G-d.

· Great exploits – this is a word of battle. The people who follow G-d are going to be in conflict with the antichrist.

v33 Those who follow G-d, and who lead others to follow G-d, are going to go through great persecution (Jer 30:7) Those who know the truth are going to help those with little understanding to understand what is going on.

v34: See Rev 12:13-16 (The woman is Israel). She is going to receive a little supernatural help through this time.

v35 All the opposition that they face is going to be for the purpose of refining and purifying these people. They have been sealed to protect them from the wrath of G-d, but they do still have to face the wrath of the antichrist – they have to endure it until the Kingdom of G-d is established (the appointed time).

v36: The false messiah/antichrist (satan incarnate) will proclaim he is G-d (2 Thess 2:4, Rev 13:5-8) Many are going to believe him, because he comes with miracles, signs and wonders (2 Thess 2:9-12, Rev 13:12-15)

· He prospers throughout the indignation – which is the final outpouring of G-d’s wrath on the earth.

v37: The antichrist is not interested in idols (other forms of worship/religions -although he will go along with them for a time). There is going to come a change where he is going to abolish other religions and set himself above them – he desires to be the only one who is worshipped.

· Many interpret this verse to also mean that he has no desire for women.

v38: The god of fortresses = his god is power.

· A god which his fathers did not know: he is involved in satanic worship and worship of himself.

· Haggai 2:8 – The antichrist wants to be honoured with those things that G-d alone deserves, and those things that belong to G-d alone.

v39: His power is based in satan. (Rev 13:2b – the dragon is satan, Rev 20:2)

· It will be lucrative for those who serve and obey the antichrist.

v40: A final attack is launched unsuccessfully against the antichrist. This serves to expand the antichrist’s territory.

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