The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 6

For our last reading this week we finish off chapter 11: Daniel 11:41-45

v41: When the antichrist feels established and secure he again goes into Israel (the ‘Glorious Land’). Many, many (Jewish) people die (are “overthrown”). These 3 kingdoms that G-d was not pleased with and who, historically, opposed the things of G-d, (Edom, Moab and Ammonites) are spared the antichrist wrath (??have an alliance with him). This teaches us that the antichrist has the exact opposite mindset to G-d.

v42: Egypt (the south) falls under his wrath, and there will be no one to deliver her.

v43: The riches in the countries of Northern and Eastern Africa become his (Egypt often speaks of the world, so he possibly acquires great wealth from around the world?)

v44: He hears rumors of trouble in the north and east and as a result devotes himself to utterly (and victoriously) destroying any opposition.

v45: Up to this point the antichrist has basically destroyed all the kingdoms in the south, in the north and in the east. When he has firmly established himself, he sets himself up in a lavish habitation between the Med sea and Jerusalem. He wants his kingdom to be established in Israel.

Even though he’s defeated all people, all nations, he’s got one thing left to do – he hasn’t been successful with the Jewish people so he’s plants himself there, and the implication is for one more onslaught, for one final attempt to establish what he wants to do – and that is for him to be received by the Jewish people.

· What a relief that he comes to an end 2 Thess 2:8, Rev 19:11-21. At the time of his defeat the Kingdom of G-d is established (Zech 12-14).

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