The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 1

On to Chapter 2v1-24:

v1 In Hebrew, the word for “troubled” is to tap/beat regularly/a pounding. These dreams, like a regular beating or pounding (of a drum etc), agitated Nebuchadnezzar, as they continued without let up.

v2 They all used different forms of deceit.

v3 It is possible that Nebuchadnezzar did not remember the dream. He wanted to be told what the dream was (firstly) and then be given an interpretation for it.

v4 Up to this verse, the book of Daniel was written in Hebrew. It changes here to Aramaic (the official language in Babylon).

v7-9 It is impossible to give an interpretation to something unknown. If Nebuchadnezzar had been able to tell these men the dream/s they would have found it easy to make up an interpretation.

v10 This is setting the stage, perfectly, for the uniqueness of Daniel. Daniel is unique because he trusts G-d in the little things as well as in the large. Daniel is different to these men because he has a relationship with the Living G-d.

v11 “Whose dwelling is not with flesh” – this is false theology. Immanuel, G-d with us. (Exodus 29:44-46) One of the outcomes of redemption is that G-d can dwell with us (1 Cor 6:19, Rev 21:3-5)

v13 Although Daniel had been faithful to G-d, he was still sentenced to death (another important principle to wrap our heads around).

v14-16 Daniel sought time, and from the most unlikely source. Arioch was the chief executioner, and he was charged to get this massacre done (see also v24). The fact that Arioch agreed to give Daniel time was another miracle.

v17-18: Matthew 18:19-20. We do not deserve mercy and cannot demand it. Daniel understood his unworthiness, but he also understood the great mercy of G-d.

v19: He didn’t immediately run straight to the king to save his scalp. He took time to worship and thank G-d for His mercy. Luke 17:11-19. When G-d moves it should lead us to worship.

v20: Name = character. Daniel is praising the character of G-d.

v21: G-d is not limited to time or season.

v23 “Made known to us” – these 4 were praying together, and G-d revealed it to them.

v24: Through Daniel (a typology of Messiah) G-d saved lives. They had been given a death sentence, but now (because of G-d’s intervention) they were to receive life [This is what G-d, through Yeshua (Jesus) has done for us!]

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