The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2:25-45

v25 “Arioch quickly brought Daniel” is almost humorous , especially when contrasted with Daniel’s pause to worship G-d (2:19-23).

v28 Daniel credits revelation to G-d. The king may think he is in charge, but Daniel points out that G-d is higher than him (“G-d in heaven”).

· The latter days – it is a dream concerning what will take place in the last days. Very applicable for us. (please remember to cross reference!)

v29 Daniel does not start with telling Nebuchadnezzar what the dream was about. He went a step further and even revealed to the king what his thoughts/mindset were before the dream.

v30 Daniel is very humble.

v31 ‘Behold’ means to pay close attention, as what is to follow is very significant.

v32-36 Daniel reveals to the king what his dream was. The most valuable asset was at the top (head) of this image, the most easy to shape (clay mixed with iron) at the lower end of the image (i.e. the final empire)

v37-43 The interpretation of the dream – we are also blessed with hindsight, and, as a result, are able to have a greater understanding than Nebuchadnezzar as to the interpretation of this dream. The image was a depiction of future empires.

· The head of Gold: The Babylonian Empire (2:38)

· The silver chest and arms: Depicted the Persian empire (1:21 – Cyrus was a Persian king)

· The belly and thighs of Bronze: Represented the Greek Empire, under Alexander the Great)

· Legs of Iron: The Greek Empire was taken over by the Roman empire

· The feet of iron and clay: A divided empire (ours). It has something wrong with its foundation.

v44: This verse is related to what Nebuchadnezzar saw in 2:34-35. The stone/rock is Yeshua and He is the One who will crush all the other kingdoms and set up His eternal Kingdom(Psalm 118:22-24, Matt 21:33-44)

· 2:35 – ‘A great mountain…filled the whole earth’. In Scripture a mountain can also speak of a government. The Kingdom that G-d is going to set up will stand forever!

v45 Notice how this statue is destroyed in reverse order. Nebuchadnezzar saw forward into history. We see backwards into it. However, it is also important to see that the clay is not in its correct order.

Clay = unredeemed man (Isaiah 29:16, Isaiah 64:8, Romans 9:21-22). Unredeemed man is out of order, and is the reason why these kingdoms fail…

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