The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3, Chapter 3 Part 1

We end off chapter 2 and begin chapter 3: Our reading portion for tomorrow is Chapter 2:46-49 & 3:1-7

v46 A revealing of truth/revelation leads to worship and, at many times, to an attitude of giving (this is found in many places in the Bible.. Rev 4:8-11 is one example of this – they give their crowns/rewards back to G-d.)

Daniel can again be seen as a typology of Messiah here. When Yeshua reveals Himself, every knee will bow(Phil 2:6-11)

v48 “Chief” – the head over all the wise men. Daniel was set apart as their leader.

v49 These men were distinguished because they did not defile themselves. They did not assimilate. Although they were in the world, they were not of it – John 17:14-19. They chose to rather obey the commandments of G-d.

Chapter 3:1-7

v1 In the same way we have typologies of Messiah throughout the Old Testament so to do we have typologies of the antichrist. Nebuchadnezzar is one such typology of the antichrist.

Here is a thought to think about: Nebuchadnezzar was a wicked man, but G-d called him His servant (as we saw the other day. See also Jer 43:10-13) Pharaoh, another antichrist type, was also raised up by G-d for a purpose (Rom 9:17)…G-d allows the final antichrist, the one we read about in Revelation, to come to power.

· Off the back of his dream (chapter 2) we see Nebuchadnezzar set up a statue of gold from head to foot. Could this have been His statement of faith? His defiance before G-d to say he refused to be only the head of gold but wanted to be the one and only kingdom for all ages i.e an eternal kingdom? (See also Rev 13:14-15. We are going to see this story repeat itself, possibly even in our lifetime)

v2-3 All the leaders had to be present at this dedication (Rev 13:7-12)

v4 ‘It is commanded’ – we have to deal with commandments from birth to death. Some are G-dly commandments, and some are ungodly. We need to learn to discern between the two (not always blatantly obvious) and also, if they are blatantly obvious, to make up our minds beforehand to not succumb to peer pressure (Luke 21:14)

v5 If you can control people’s worship you can control them. These kingdoms that have come and gone have all been satanic and antichrist in nature. The final one will be no different. Everyone worships something. The real battle is: who are we going to worship?

v6 There is a consequence for not obeying the command of the antichrist (Rev 13:9-10, v15)

v7 Before we frown on these people for falling down: I’m not saying that the commands surrounding covid have been good or bad, but I have been amazed at how easily, quickly and without complaining, entire nations have listened to the command to stay locked up in their homes, avoid people and give up meeting together. I have realized that, even in our day and age, Governmental control is not too difficult to achieve. A few months ago, I had a hard time seeing our generation on its knees to anyone or anything. Today, thanks to BLM, I have watched people, top diplomats, fall on their knees to the ground We are living in crazy ‘unprecedented’ times.

I want to encourage you with Rev 12:11. Let us be a people who make up our minds, today (because now is all we have), that we will not love our lives so much that we shrink from death.

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