The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

We go on to Daniel 4:18-33

v18: Nebuchadnezzar still calls these men wise, despite the fact that they were able to do or reveal absolutely nothing.

· In this text we see a distinction being made between Daniel (who had the Spirit of G-d within him) and these so called ‘wise’ men, who are involved in pagan pursuits. They do not base their lives/words on Scriptural revelation but on the deceitfulness of man. They make promises but are unable to deliver on them.

v19 Daniel was uncomfortable about sharing what the dream revealed. Nebuchadnezzar discerned that that was the case.

· Nebuchadnezzar had opposition. He needed to realize that the only way he could be truly successful was if he was experiencing the success of G-d. If we are going to have enemies, make sure that they are also the enemies of G-d. If we are on G-d’s side, then we are on the winning side.

v20-21: Daniel repeats back to Nebuchadnezzar what he had dreamt. This shows Daniel’s attentiveness. He listened, and he heard things correctly.

v22: Daniel is telling Nebuchadnezzar that the tree reflects him and his very expansive kingdom.

v23 Judgement Day is coming. We need to understand that when G-d gives prophecy it has far reaching implications. Prophecy is always related to G-d’s program for establishing His Kingdom. The more we study, understand and apply it to our lives the better prepared we are going to be for the Kingdom of G-d.

v24: By giving Nebuchadnezzar this dream G-d was giving an opportunity for, and calling Nebuchadnezzar to, repentance.

v25-26: Nebuchadnezzar is going to be brought to an understanding, after seven years, that ALL are under the authority of G-d. He is going to suffer a great loss as he goes through a seven-year period of insanity. The problem with the leaders of the final empire is that they do not want to recognize G-d. They live in the pridefulness of their hearts. Pride injures our human intellect, and in the end, makes us very foolish individuals.

v27 Daniel told him that if he believed the word of G-d he needed to change his ways. Here was the call for repentance…

v28: …which went unheeded…

v29: …for an entire year.

v30: There was no immediate outcome for the dream. Nebuchadnezzar forgot, and, instead of being humble, pride rose up in his heart.

v31: There was no warning – G-d had given that a year previously – but ‘suddenly’ a change happened. Sometimes G-d moves abruptly in order to fulfill His Word. (Isaiah 48v3, Mark 13v35-37)

v33 “That very hour” – there was no delay.

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