The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 3

Let’s finish off chapter 4:34-37

v34 G-d wants to bring change into our lives (glory to glory – 2 Cor 3:18). In every circumstance we find ourselves in we need to realize that G-d is using them to bring change. When our lives have been disrupted, it would be good to ask G-d what He is wanting to change in our lives (hearts) in order to make us more like Him. How should we respond and what is G-d’s perspective of things?

· G-d had promised to restore Nebuchadnezzar and now it had happened. This reveals a very simple truth to us – G-d is faithful to His Word. This should cause us to take note, therefore, that all the prophecies, written in this book of Daniel (and elsewhere in the Word of G-d), are going to be fulfilled.

v35 Psalm 8:4

v36 as quickly as Nebuchadnezzar was judged he was also as quickly restored when he repented and acknowledged the authority and Kingdom of G-d “At the same time” – instant!).

· G-d wanted to use Nebuchadnezzar in a mighty way. He wanted him to be a mighty source of influence for the kingdom. He wanted Nebuchadnezzar to be a herald of His truth. G-d doesn’t want us to just hear and speak His truth, He wants us to demonstrate it in the way we live – our actions. G-d, in a sense, gave Nebuchadnezzar another chance. Putting him back into his previous position shows restoration. When we repent, and live according to G-d’s ways, He loves to restore what has been stripped away from us.

v37: We see that Nebuchadnezzar, as the chapter of his life closes out, now glorifies, and honours, G-d. He now recognises that G-d is not just the ‘G-d of heaven’ but that He is also the ‘King of heaven’, the true King – the only authority.

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