The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 1

We end off this week with Chapter 6:1-17

Are you willing to pay the price for faithfulness? Do you believe that G-d is able to deliver His people, no matter what they are experiencing? Faithfulness is about believing not only that G-d exists but also that He is actively working in the lives of His people – He is moving to help them be overcomers.

v1: Darius realizes his inadequacies and so, in order for his kingdom to be blessed, he appoints these 120 officials to help him.

v2: Over these 120 officials were three governors/supervisors. Daniel was one of these top three.

v3 Daniel did not rely on his own intellect or abilities. G-d was in him, and the world perceived him as ‘excellent’. The most excellent thing we can have in our lives is love (1 Cor 13)

v4 What an amazing testimony. To be found faithful and without fault or error. Daniel was a great man because he worshipped G-d.

v5 They had to find a way to use Daniel’s worship of G-d against him. (it will be like this for believers at the end. Our faith will be used against us. Rev 12:17 Would we be willing to die for it?)

v6 They used flattery to woo Darius. They weren’t interested in his wellbeing, but in their own positions. They resented having to report to Daniel, because they were full of corruption and didn’t want to be held accountable for it.

v7-9 Darius’ pride (being the focus of the people for 30 days) clouded his judgement.

· In Jewish culture the number 30 is related to death. These men wanted to bring about Daniel’s death.

v10-11 Although Daniel was a top leader, he daily got down on his knees – continued to humble himself before G-d – and prayed (petitions and pleas) 3 times a day (morning, noon and night). Eph 6:18 Daniel was faithful to do what G-d had called him to do. This new law didn’t impact his faithfulness and commitment to worship G-d.

In light of Daniels response: how do we interpret Romans 13:1-7? Verse 3 implies that this is a government that rewards good and punishes evil. What if it is a government that does the opposite? (Acts 5:27-29). In the Scripture there are numerous examples of people disobeying the government in order to remain faithful to G-d – even when the consequences could be one’s life. Daniel didn’t worry about what the enemy was up to, he concentrated on what he was called to do.

v13: Whenever someone wanted to bring something negative against Daniel they always pointed out that he was an exile and that he was from Judah (I.e. a Jew).

v14 This king loved Daniel and realized he had erred. But there was nothing he could physically do to set him free – despite trying to do so all day. The day ended with the setting of the sun and the law had to be enforced that day – there was no longer any time to continue trying to save Daniel.

v16 “Serve continually” – another powerful testimony to Daniel’s faithfulness.

· He will save you – we find here that king Darius had faith in the G-d of Israel.

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