The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 2

We begin this week by reading Daniel 6:18-28

Do you really believe in an all-powerful G-d? A G-d who is not bound by the laws of nature but

who frequently transcends them in order to reveal His power, His attributes and His character?

v18 The activity of king Darius (while Daniel was in the den of lions) is very significant. Darius behaves spiritually – interceding (in Judaism fasting goes hand in hand with praying) for Daniel. Daniel had a far greater influence on Darius and Cyrus (the kings of the Medes and Persians) then he did on the kings of Babylon. In that epoch of time, as the captivity (70yrs) was coming to an end the evil empire gave way to

a more G-d fearing one. The empire of the Medes and Persians reflected more of G-d’s will – Some of their kings gave money, letters of authority etc in order that the temple in Jerusalem would be rebuilt and they allowed the Israelites to leave exile and go back to their own land.

v19: This verse, yet again, reveals Darius’ love and concern for the wellbeing of Daniel.

v20: A lamenting voice is a sad voice.

· “Servant of…G-d” – Darius knew that because Daniel was a faithful servant of G-d G-d was able to bless and protect him.

· “the Living G-d” – Darius’ confession of faith

· “Has your G-d …been able to deliver?” – When we pray we want to have faith, but so often our prayers are accompanied by a degree of uncertainty as to whether G-d heard and answered or not (Mark 9:24).

v21: When Daniel says this he is being sincere.

v22: Our innocence (as translated here) or faithfulness before G-d produces G-dly activity in our lives (Heb 6:10).

· I have done no wrong before you – Daniel was faithful to this government, as it was working for the good of the people.

v23 Luke 21v12-19

We can die physically… but not a hair of our head will perish. If we have faith, we need to realize that we might lose this earthly life but we gain eternal life – of which not even a piece of hair can be harmed or taken away from us. In the end, no harm comes to those who believe in G-d.

v24 There was no help or provision for them because they had rejected G-d. If we reject G-d we reject His provision in our lives and as a consequence we (and often this can even affect those around us) suffer great loss. We need to also realize that not everything that happens in our lives is of G-d, however, He can use everything that happens for His glory.

v25: All peoples, nations and languages – very reminiscent of the words used to describe the congregation of the L-rd (i.e.the church – Rev 7:9-10)

· Peace be multiplied: Peace is the outcome of the will of G-d. Daniel reveals to us how to walk in obedience to the will of G-d so that we can be delivered from the schemes and attacks of the enemy. G-d did not keep Daniel out of, or away from, the lions den, but He delivered him from the midst of it. G-d doesn’t keep His people away from poverty, disease etc, but He is able to deliver us in the midst of these things.

v26 Isaiah 66v2

v28 Prospered – Did brilliantly, valiantly. Why? Because he feared G-d and faithfully worshiped Him.

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