The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 2

Daniel 7:13-22

It is an absolute necessity that we understand who Messiah is – not just His name but also His character, His divinity.

v13 Night visions: Daniel had more than one vision. This was one of his visions.

· ‘Son of man’ is a prophetic term used for Yeshua – the glory of heaven who came to earth (Mark 10:45). Daniel and Ezekiel were also called by this term. Both of these prophets spoke of the glory of heaven coming to earth/the establishment of G-d’s Kingdom – which is going to be set up by Messiah Yeshua. (For a description of Yeshua see Rev 1:13-16)

· This verse is not talking about Yeshua coming to earth on the clouds, but rather about His ascension -from earth to heaven. Acts 1:9, Eph 4:8-10

· ‘Ancient of Days’ refers to G-d the Father.

v14 Phil 2:8-11. Yeshua is G-d. He inherits everything, and everyone is going to serve (worship) Him. (Incidentally, we are called co heirs with Messiah. If we share in His suffering, we also share in His glory – Roms 8:16-18)

v15: Daniel is grieved by what he has seen in regard to the empires – particularly the last, blasphemous, one.

v16 “One of those who stood by”: Probably an angel.

v17 Confirms that the four beasts represent four kingdoms (kings rule kingdoms)

· Remember, four is a global number. The empires in the past ruled over much of the world, but the final empire (this unique fourth beast) will indeed rule over the world – with the antichrist at the helm.

v18: The saints =believers

As we find so often in Scripture, G-d gives the good news to us before He gives us the bad. He encourages us to persevere, because the good (His Kingdom) is on its way…it is near.

v19-20 You can also read about this last beast empire in Rev 17:3-17

· It is described as an empire “greater than its fellows (companions)”. This means that it has greater significance or power than the preceding empires.

v21 This horn (end time antichrist) makes war with the saints=believers. See also Rev 13:7 (this is a problem for those who believe the believers are raptured before the antichrist comes on the scene -Rev 13:9-10 is also clear that the saints will have to endure faithfully -persecution and, for some, even to death- when this empire is manifested)

· It is also important to note that this final empire rises out of the sea (Rev 13:1) – “sea” implies that instability in the last days is going to be a key factor that brings about this evil empire.

· Prevailing against them – the antichrist was making war against the church (the believers) and he was overcoming/overpowering them. Prayerfully worshipping G-d through this time is going to be critically important for those who want to be overcomers (Rev 2&3)

v22: This overpowering of the saints goes on until G-d gives a judgment, vindicates us. We can be assured that in the last days, no matter what, we are called to endure. The enemy is going to wage war against the believers first, and then he will war against Israel. We can also be assured of this – G-d is going to judge, and we are going to be made victorious – empowered in the Kingdom! It is only when we are living with a Kingdom expectation, and our character is one that is brought under the laws of the Kingdom, that we can expect this empowerment to be ours in this age leading up to the establishment of the Kingdom. The book of Daniel helps us to prepare, prayerfully, for strength to endure in these last days.

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