The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 3

Daniel 7:23-28

v23 This is a kingdom that is satanic in nature (different to the other ones). Demonic forces will be present with signs and wonders in order to deceive (Rev 13:12-15)

· Whole earth – global implications.

v24: The #10 is the number for completion or entirety. In the last days, a final global empire is going to rise up/be established – a ten-nation confederacy. A ruler (the small horn, the antichrist) is going to rise up within their ranks. He (this antichrist) is going to do away with three of these kings taking the number of the confederacy down to 7. Seven is a number that has to do with holiness or sanctification. This remaining seven nation confederacy is going to project an image that is going to be a false or counterfeit holiness.

v25 Here we have an example of progressive revelation. In 7:20 we were told only that the horn spoke pompous words. This verse reveals to us that these pompous words were directed at G-d.

· “Intend to change times and law”: ie change the calendar and get rid of Biblical festivals – G-d’s appointed times (festivals of revelation).

· A time, times and half a time is 1 year+2 years+1/2 a year = 3.5 years. The antichrist is going to rule for 3.5yrs with almost no opposition from G-d. There will be some limitation placed on him, but for the most part he will be free to do what he wants. We will see more of this in later chapters. It is encouraging to know that the antichrist’s time is limited

v26: G-d is going to allow the antichrist to carry on until a point and then G-d is going to take His judgement.

· ‘They shall take away his dominion’ – the antichrist’s kingdom will be removed from him and will be destroyed.

v27: The outcome of G-d’s judgement will be the establishment of His Kingdom!! As believers we will not be on the earth when the wrath of G-d falls (1 Thess 5:9), but we will be here throughout the satanic tribulation.

v28 Daniel was greatly disturbed by what he had seen. He kept the matter in his heart…Daniel thought about the last days. The takeaway for us is that it is good for us to think about the last days, prepare ourselves, and others, for what is to come so that, when it does come, we are prepared to endure faithfully and are not offended at G-d’s ways.

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