The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 2

Daniel 8:8-22

v8 This goat empire (European empire) strengthens . When he is really strong (in a position of power) his horn is broken (the purpose of this horn being broken is to increase its power and

influence globally) and four other leaders either come under this great leader’s authority or take over from him. Their influence is global (“toward the four winds of heaven”)

· Note: Prophecy is pattern. What has happened in the past can be a picture/foreshadow what can happen in the future. This split into 4 was a feature of the Grecian empire (When Alexander the Great died his kingdom was split up between his four generals), but it seems to have laid a foundation for us to understand what is also going to happen at the end – a four-way leadership split.

v9: ‘Little” – i.e. seemingly insignificant. This is also spoken of in Micah 5:2. The antichrist is going to have his sights set on Jerusalem, Israel (which is south and east from Europe). He is going to want to set himself up in the temple there, so that he can be worshipped.

v10: This verse informs us that this is not a natural leader – he has a spiritual objective. Not only does he want to rule over the whole earth, but he also wants to rule over the heavens (Is 14:13-15).

v11: Prince of the host – the general of the armies of heaven – Some people interpret this to be the L-rd of Hosts (G-d the Father). Some say the Prince of Peace (Messiah). Some say Michael. We can’t be dogmatic about who it is. For a reason that we won’t go into here, Baruch thinks it is the archangel Michael.

· Daily sacrifices taken away…the place of His sanctuary was cast down – he is opposed to that which is of G-d. He wants to bring about a change in G-dly worship. He does not want sacrifices to be offered up to the G-d of Israel. He does not want there to be a sanctuary to the G-d of Israel. He wants to replace these things.

v12: Just like Antiochus Epiphanes did, the antichrist will deploy an army concerned with making sure that worship to G-d ceases. He is going to cast truth to the ground, and, for a while, he is going to appear to be very successful.

v13: A holy one – an angel. Daniel was listening to two angels talking to each other.

· The transgression of abomination – The abomination of desolation (utter destruction) is based in sin (transgression)

v14: 2300 days -approximately 6.3years. The Jewish people are given 7 years at the end (“one week” -9:24-27). The antichrist will not be given power for this entire 7year time period, but will only be allowed to have power for 6.3 of those years (possibly only coming into power once the empire, which rises up from instability [the “sea”], stabilises. The antichrist rises from “land” which speaks of stability – Rev 13:1, 11)

v15 “Was seeking the meaning” – this is a good principle for us in regard to the council/Word/will of G-d (Acts 20:27) It is good to ask G-d for revelation on what He has revealed to us in His Word regarding end times.

v17 As mentioned earlier, this is a prophecy about end time events. This verse makes it problematic for those who interpret it solely in regard to Antiochus Epiphanes or Alexander the Great.

v19 Once again it is emphasized that this prophecy is for the very last days, those days at the very end of this age.

· Indignation =wrath. The time of wrath is when Messiah returns and defeats/judges His enemy. It is at the end of this period of wrath that the Kingdom of G-d is established on earth.

v20: Because this prophecy is yet future it means these kings will rise up, at the end, in modern day Iran.

v21: Old Testament (OT) Greece had a much larger landmass than modern day Greece. When the OT speaks of ‘Greece’ it is speaking of modern-day Europe.

· The seventh empire, and then the eighth, are all European and are related to the goat.

v22 The four kingdoms that rise up, at the end, rise not by their own power but are satanically empowered (Rev 13:4, the dragon is satan – Rev 20:2)

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