The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 3

Daniel 8:23-27

v23 This antichrist understands riddles/Scripture/and is going to be very knowledgeable.

v24 He is going to have supernatural power. He will be successful, and will seek to destroy those who believe (Rev 12:17)

· Holy people – referring to the people of Israel (the Jewish people)

v25 Cunning =insight, intelligence.

· The success that he is going to have will be through the power of deceit (Matt 24:24, 2 Thess 2:9-12, Rev 13:13-14) Knowing truth will be the only antidote against these lies.

· He will be broken, but not by human hand (Dan 2:44-45, 2 Thess 2:8, Rev 19:19-21)

v26 We are told that this prophecy is going to come true, it is reliable and therefore can be believed.

· However, for Daniel, this was a very distant and yet future prophecy. It had nothing to do with Daniel’s time.

v27 This vision bothered Daniel. It made him sick. Nevertheless, he got up and carried on with the king’s business. When we understand/seek to understand prophecy it doesn’t mean that we ignore or neglect everything else we are meant to do in this life. When these prophetic

indicators are seen we need to respond in obedience to G-d’s call on our lives for this unique period of time.

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