The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 1

Daniel 9:1-13

A large portion of this chapter is dedicated to a prayer that Daniel prayed. This is significant. Although disobedience had taken the people of Israel into exile Daniel knew, prophetically, that the land was about to be restored to them again – the 70 years of exile were coming to an end!

v2 “Books”- Even in Daniel’s day there was a form of the Tanakh (Bible) – mentioned here the book of Jeremiah and v11 alludes to the law of Moses (Genesis to Deuteronomy).

· Daniel was studying the Prophetic Word of G-d – a wise thing to do

· This 70yr prophecy can be found in Jer 29:4-14. The exiles of Israel were temporary. G-d was always faithful to take His people back to their land. After 2000 years of exile, we have seen the return of the Jews to the promised land (1948) G-d brought them back from Babylon before Yeshua’ s first coming. He’s brought them back now… for His second?

v3 G-d was getting ready to move and Daniel’s response was a wise one. We would be wise to follow his example, if we want to be ready (and found faithful) for what G-d is going to do in these last days.

v4 One of the first things Daniel credits G-d with is that He keeps His covenants. G-d does not keep covenant with us because of our faithfulness but because of His (2 Tim 2:13) G-d gives grace (to those who love Him and keep His commands) in order that the covenant can be maintained.

v5 When we don’t accept G-d’s grace the (rotten) fruit of it is disobedience, rebellion, sin.

v6 and v10 Daniel emphasizes the important role that the prophetic word of G-d should be playing in our lives. Prophecy drives us to obedience, because it speaks of the hope set before us and the judgement that will come if we reject the Author of this hope. Israel sinned because they were not sensitive to the message of the prophets. Are we??

v7 -8: Even to that day (70yrs later) there was no change in the people. They didn’t merit mercy or going back to their land, but G-d, in His righteousness and because of His promise, was going to restore them anyway.

· The shame of the people is repeated, therefore emphasized.

v9 We are totally guilty before G-d, yet He is merciful and forgiving toward us (Psalm 103:7-13)

v11-12 G-d is (was, and always will be) faithful to His Word. See Deut 30:11-20

v13 G-d’s judgement came, but the people quickly got used to their new lifestyle in a foreign land and continued to live without an awareness of G-d. They didn’t want to walk in truth or gain insight into it. Daniel was unique in that he was spiritually sensitive and had insight into G-d’s prophetic truth. Praying for and speaking out the truth to others can bring change in them. Every believer should be committed to this. (Matt 28:19-20)

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