The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 2

On to Daniel 9:14-23

v14 The L-rd was faithful to bring this judgment upon Israel. Because He is righteous He punishes evil and rewards good.

· Obeyed His voice – we need to be sensitive to the voice of the L-rd. Sensitive to hear and to obey.

v16 G-d does not wink at sin.

· Jerusalem and Your people have become a reproach (disgrace, shame): Israel was supposed to have been a testimony of righteousness before the nations.

v17 Daniel has said over and over that Israel have sinned, disobeyed, been faithless. There is no reason for G-d to move to change their situation – except for His sake, His mercy, His faithfulness.

v18 Daniel realized that if there was going to be a change/a renewal it would only be because of G-d’s intervention and mercy.

v19 The only hope that Daniel held onto was that he and his people had a covenantal relationship with G-d. Daniel is praying himself into a preparation for what G-d was going to do.

Note: Daniel had been faithfully waiting for 70 years for this moment. Most of his life had been spent in exile (Heb 11:13-16). Here we see him still placing his trust in the promises of G-d, and still longing for the “better country”.

v20 ‘The holy mountain’ – Daniel had a burden for the temple to be rebuilt and for the worship that went on there.  [In the millennial reign of Messiah (Rev 20:4) there is going to be a temple (see Zech 14, especially v21, sacrifices will be happening again- we will not get into why sacrifices will be done again, for this chat😜, but it is something to keep in your mind)] We should expect to see another temple (?in our lifetime) as the antichrist will encourage it to be built and then he is going to set himself up in it. In the New Jerusalem, after the 1000yr reign of Messiah, there will no longer be a temple (Rev 21:22)

v21-22: Like us, angels are recognizable, they look different from each other.  

  • Daniel was praying when he had an angelic encounter and received revelation from G-d. This principle is not just for Daniel, it’s for all people today. When we pray, desiring to understand what G-d’s prophetic will is, our spiritual condition changes.  

v23 Greatly beloved: When Daniel was praying for prophetic truth to be fulfilled in his life (and the lives of those around him) G-d instructed His angel to minister to Daniel, to give him insight, to help him to grow/mature (Heb 1:14, Ps 103:20, Ps 91:11-12)

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