The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 2

Exodus 12:21-36

v21: This word “pick out” or “draw forth” is a rare/unique word in Biblical Hebrew. This is one of the only times it is used.

· Kill = slaughter. This word has a religious/spiritual connotation attached to it. It is death for the purpose of worship. The lamb gives its life, but the outcome of that is worship.

v22: Hyssop: John 19:29-30 has significance. Our Passover lamb (the bread of life) fulfilled even this requirement of Passover on the cross.

· Basin: The blood was not left to lie in a mess all over the place. It was very specifically placed in a basin.

v23: This redemption took place in Egypt in the past, but there’s going to be a future redemption when Yeshua returns to set up His Kingdom (Zechariah 14:12- the L-rd is going to STRIKE all the people who went up against Jerusalem).

· The destroyer – A special angel called by this name. G-d is in control and gives this angel very specific instructions as to what he is to do when he sees the blood on the specified places.

v24: This is a commandment.

v25: The people kept the Passover in Egypt, and in the first year in the wilderness (Numbers 9:1-14), but then, it seems that they did not keep it for the next 39 years (neither did they circumcise their sons throughout that time) When they arrived in the land of promise (Israel) these were all reinstated and recelebrated (Joshua 5:1-11).

v26: G-d set Passover apart as an instrument that could reveal and teach things to our families (children) – to teach them the truth about redemption. Redemption is not just for us – it is something we need to teach to the next generation.

v27: Delivered – saved. Salvation leads to humility (the posture for worship) and worship. Yeshua died on the preparation day of Passover – the 14th day of Nisan (Aviv)

v28: They received the revelation of the L-rd and they obeyed. This should be normative behaviour for a disciple – we hear the revelation of G-d, and we respond to it (no matter what the consequences will be)

v29: Dungeon – The person in a pit would have had much less chance of hearing anything about this Passover and even less opportunity to keep it. But he still suffered the consequences of it –his firstborn also died. What can we conclude from this? Romans 1:18-20 If we don’t deal properly with the Passover Lamb (Yeshua) it doesn’t matter what our reasons for noncompliance are – we will not escape judgement. Every man is without excuse.

v30: Great cry/ screaming: This could have all been avoided. This was not G-d’s perfect will for this people. He gave them plenty of opportunities to repent, but they rejected G-d’s revelation

and submitted to improper leadership. Every household experienced death – either death of a lamb, or death of a firstborn.

v31: In the end Pharaoh did exactly what G-d had told him to do. If he had done it G-d’s way from the beginning he would have been blessed, but because he rebelled to the point of being broken he suffered heavy loss.

v32: Pharaoh wanted a blessing. Many of the sages say it was out of selfish motivation – he wanted to hold on to power in Egypt.

v33: The Egyptians were changed through the wrath of G-d.

v34: The Israelites left Egypt with this dough that had not risen. They removed it from the place which would cause it to rise. They wrapped it up and placed it upon their shoulder. This is the image of a burden. Unleavened bread – it was taken away from the influence of the world that would cause it to rise (synonymous with sin). We don’t want time and the things of this world to influence us. G-d has saved us out of sin.

v35: Israel left blessed. She was again living within the order and purposes that G-d for her.

v36: G-d changed the perspective of the Egyptians. They had initially wanted to see Israel cursed but in the end they gave up, they submitted (unfortunately not willingly, but as a consequence of G-d’s judgement), and they blessed Israel. G-d’s purposes will always be fulfilled. Every single person will submit to G-d. If we submit willingly we will experience blessing. If we submit because we are broken and humbled we will not experience His blessing but His displeasure.

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