The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 3

Exodus 12:37-51

v37: Redemption sets us on a journey -taking us further and further away from Egypt (sin).

· Men on foot – portrays an image of foot soldiers (G-d had called out an army – Exodus 6:26)

v38: Mixed multitude: People from different nations, tribes, and languages. These people (non-Jews) had witnessed G-d’s power during the plagues in Egypt. They had kept the Passover and had joined the Jews in the exodus. These gentiles were recipients of G-d’s grace – He had redeemed them and brought them into a place where they moved towards the will of G-d. They were grafted in with the people of G-d (Romans 11:17-26)

· A great deal of livestock: G-d does not forget our labour – when He brought them out they left with some restoration and restitution (“reward”).

v39: Driven…and could not wait: When the time came for the exodus it came about too quickly to do any further preparation. They had to grab what they had and flee.

· Provisions – supplies or equipment. All they had was their livestock and bread (matzah). This bread is an important symbol of living without the effects of sin (leaven) in our lives.

v40: Biblically 30 is the number for death. 4/40/400 has to do with the world (North, south, east, west). Israel had experienced generations of death in Egypt – a picture of the world.

Their death had a testimony to the world. In essence, the exodus from Egypt is a type of resurrection.

41: On that very same day: This day of departure is emphasised. It wasn’t an approximate date – it was exact.

· We find here another reference to these people being called an army. Through redemption we become a new creation. We enter into the army of G-d. We become His soldier, and, as such, we need to demonstrate faithfulness, commitment, and loyalty to G-d.

v42: Solemn observance – a night of keeping, watching, guarding.

v43: Not a single person can keep Passover in a Biblical way today. There is no temple. We can observe Passover as a memorial and a testimony – it is a very visual way to teach our children, and others, about redemption.

· Ordinance – Statute or law

· Outsider – A word that is used Biblically to relate to someone who is not a descendant of Jacob (no covenant relationship with G-d).

v44: These servants (under Jewish authority) were not Jewish. If the slave was going to partake of the Passover he had to be circumcised.

v45: Sojourner: A temporary resident

· Hired servant: Employee

(Neither of the above people have any true connection with Israel)

v46: None of Yeshua’ s bones were broken while He was on the cross (John 19:33-36)

v48: Stranger – A circumcised Gentile – not a proselyte (Someone who was born a Gentile but who converted to Judaism and is now seen as a Jew).

v49: Jews or Gentiles were allowed to celebrate the Passover. On the condition that they were circumcised.

v50: Every aspect of the L-rd’s commands these people kept (not only in regard to Passover – although this is the context for this verse)

v51: Soldiers obey. Through redemption we find ourselves in a spiritual battle.

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