The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 1

Exodus 13:1-10

v2: Sanctify: To recognize/set apart as holy. G-d had a purpose that the firstborn had to fulfil. This is a commandment that He gave to every leader of a household. After redemption, we become a new creation (born again – John 3:3-8)…the first manifestation of life (living a new life of holiness) is consecrated to G-d – when we show G-d priority with the first things the rest of our lives cannot help but fall into line with His will.

This sanctification (setting apart) demonstrates G-d’s authority over the family and the animals (finances) of a household. When we give our lives to the L-rd this needs to manifest itself within our family and also within our business. Our walk with G-d is not just spiritual. It affects every dimension of our lives.

v3: Remember: This is a word related to covenant.

· Out of the house of bondage (servants): Redemption involves a change in location. These people also received a new identity and a different perspective. They were no longer Egyptian slaves but were the people of G-d.

· Bread that had leaven (yeast) in it went through a process of rising (swelling) and became more bitter. The sages say it conjures up an image of pride. This was to be avoided by the people of G-d – 1 Corinthians 5:8. Eating unleavened bread was a reminder to live without the “yeast” of sin in our lives.

v4: Aviv (spelt here Abib) was the season of spring. Passover HAS to be commemorated in the springtime.

v5: Although this exodus out of Egypt was highly significant it is not the final Redemption. Jeremiah 16:14-15

· your fathers (the patriarchs) – a reminder of the promises of G-d and how we access them – by faith.

Note: The primary purpose of redemption was to enter into the promised land. The primary purpose of the final redemption will be to enter into the kingdom of G-d.

· Milk and honey – sustenance, and the production of that which is sweet and pleasant.

G-d gives us the ability to serve Him, to do His work, and the outcome of that is going to be joy.

· “This month” – it once again gives us timing. Redemption gives us G-d’s timing for life. Without experiencing Redemption we’ll never be where G-d wants us to be, at the time that He wants us to be there. Through redemption G-d brings order into our lives.

v6-7: Unleavened bread again emphasised. Six days of preparation happen before the feast/festival of the L-rd (Reminds me of creation – six days of hard work, and a seventh day of

rest). A festival should remind us of worship. Worship is dependent upon preparation. We see preparation prior to the giving of the law on Mount Sinai etc.

· “In all your quarters”(borders): not only are we responsible for what happens in our own homes but we have a responsibility that goes beyond our areas of assumed authority. Don’t put yourself in a situation (location etc) where you will be tempted to sin. We are told to flee from evil.

v8: This is very personal – tell your son…the things that G-d wanted to do with the people could only happen after they had responded and left Egypt (the world)

v9: A sign upon your hand (actions and deeds need to be G-dly)… a memorial between your eyes (thoughts need to be G-dly): This is talking about the tefillin/phylacteries that Jewish men bind on their arms and on their foreheads when they pray. They are little boxes that house verses, and they are a daily reminder of the commandments of G-d. Redemption gives us the ability to understand the Word of G-d and to do the Word of G-d.

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