The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 2

Exodus 13:11- 22

v11: Once again – the LAND (Israel) is important to G-d. If He doesn’t change why would some people think this is different today? Israel played an important role in Yeshua’ s first coming. It will play as important a role in His second coming.

v12: The word translated “set apart” is not the best translation of this word. A better word is to “transfer” (pass/hand over – like a bank transfer or transaction). That which was initially in our possession has to be transferred into His possession. This is an example of worship. We need to recognise and acknowledge what belongs to G-d.

v13: A payment (or a replacement/substituted payment) was required for every firstborn.

v14: In recognition of redemption, the firstborns were redeemed (a payment was made for them). Israel is considered the firstborn of G-d – He redeemed Israel (Exodus 4:22).

v15: In colloquial terms: “Based upon what G-d did for me I am sacrificing to Him”.

v16: The word “sign” (something miraculous) is related to something that only G-d can do. This verse is telling us that through redemption the unique activity of G-d is brought into our lives.

G-d saved the Hebrews from under the authority of Pharaoh in order to bring them under His authority (Their deeds and thoughts – hand and eyes) This is the salvation that Yeshua purchased for us on the cross. When we are brought under His authority we are able to embrace and receive His instructions.

v17: G-d did not lead…this passage talks about G-d’s leadership of the people – which only began after Redemption. Often He leads us in a way that’s different from what we would normally expect.

· The people weren’t initially coming out to do battle. They were simply coming out to leave Pharaoh. G-d does speak about the children of Israel as His armies. He brought them out for warfare – but not at this early stage. That was going to happen when they had matured.

v18: G-d lead them in an orderly way.

v19: Joseph wanted no connection with Egypt (the world) – at all. This is another aspect of redemption.

v20: A wilderness is a place of dependence upon G-d. He led them here.

v21: Sometimes G-d made them travel in the middle of the night. This teaches us that we need to always be ready – night or day – to serve G-d.

v22: He did not take away – testifies of His faithfulness. Whatever they needed (shade from the heat, or warmth from the cold) He provided.

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