The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 2

Exodus 14:15-31

v15: Moses, as a leader, is responsible for the spiritual condition of the people. How they behave reflects upon Moses. G-d wants Moses to urge the people to keep moving forward – even though the route in front of them doesn’t (humanly) appear possible to move forward in.

v16: Lift up your rod: This staff (a symbol of the authority G-d has given to Moses) has been constantly with Moses.

· To go through the sea was the most unlikely route for the Israelites to have taken.

· Dry land -This means that G-d’s going to act in an unusual and mighty way. Do we believe (have faith) that G-d is going to act on our behalf in a mighty way? If we are committed to His purpose He will!

v17: Again, these Egyptians saw an incredible miracle, a revelation from G-d, and what was their response to this sign? They kept choosing their own way and rebelled against the purposes of G-d. As long as they were not suffering, hurting, losing they showed no interest in G-d. What leads to our hearts being hardened? Choosing to reject the revelation G-d has given to us. G-d’s role in this hardening process – giving revelation.

v19: Angel of G-d: a very unique term (usually referred to as “the angel of the L-rd”)The Angel of G-d was their defence.

v20: He was between Israel and their enemy. He keeps them separated. No battle takes place until G-d says “Yes”. G-d defines the battle in His terms, not in Pharaohs.

· The Egyptians experienced darkness (natural, it was nighttime). The Israelites experienced light (supernatural). G-d moved, at night, to bring deliverance to His people.

v21: G-d was working throughout the entire night. G-d could have done this in an instant. This reminds us that just because we’re asleep, just because we don’t see things, doesn’t mean things are not happening. Changes can come about, in our situations, overnight (Psalm 30:5)

v23: These Egyptians saw what G-d had done, but they gave no heed to these supernatural things that were happening around them. The ten plagues had not changed their hearts.

v24: Morning watch – the last watch of the night i.e.3am -6am. The word “Morning” carries with it the context of “light”, “revelation”, “illumination” – a change of perspective.

· The word translated “troubled” has to do with noise – G-d threw them into confusion, which brought about a lot of noise.

v25: He took off their chariot wheels!! That was their main weapon of destruction, and G-d disarmed it.

· “Let us flee…the L-rd fights for them”: The Egyptians understood what was going on.

v26: “Chariots and horsemen” have been emphasised throughout this chapter.

v27: G-d commanded. Moses obeyed – even though it was going to cost lives.

Note: When the Egyptians came to their senses, when they had the right perspective (G-d is fighting), it was too late for them. For those in our society who are still alive today there is still hope for repentance and salvation (Psalm 95:7-8)

· Overthrew/shook the Egyptians into the midst of the sea (same principle as Matthew 10:14)

· Both the Egyptians and the Israelites went through the sea. One party experienced death, the other experienced victory (see 1 Corinthians 10:1-13).

v28: Not one remained: Complete annihilation for those who did right in their own eyes. Complete (never ending/eternal) destruction for those who did not give heed to the illumination/revelation of G-d.

v29: G-d had a secret plan of victory that nobody could have guessed (Isaiah 55:8-9)

v30: The L-rd saved! When the Israelites looked back at the “world” they saw death. This was their final “goodbye” (memory of) to Egypt.

v31: The wisest thing a person can do is to submit to G-d’s authority.

· G-d’s power defeated Egypt (and will defeat the world)

· Great victory changed their perspective (at least, for a moment they had faith)

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