The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 17

Exodus 17

In this chapter we are going to see G-d moving in two very different situations, but in both situations the enemy is functioning.

v1: According to the commandment: The people only moved when they heard the Word of G-d. G-d had a purpose for every place that they went to.

· Rephidim in modern Hebrew means upholstery – something that is soft, comfortable

· No water – this has happened before. It is an opportunity for prayer.

v2: Contended: There was a conflict.

· They turned to Moses instead of turning to G-d. We need to make a clear distinction between G-d’s leaders (they are only His mouthpiece) and G-d Himself.

· Moses understood that if G-d puts us in a situation of lack there is a purpose for it. When we are in a situation where we can’t see the provision of G-d we can expect Him to move miraculously.

v3: G-d’s purpose for these people was to take them out of Egypt. They could not discern this purpose.

· The people were, selfishly, only thinking about themselves – they wanted their own wills, at the expense of G-ds.

v4: They people were thinking of killing Moses so that they could choose another leader to take them back to Egypt. When Moses’ life was in danger he turned to the L-rd for guidance.

v5: G-d commanded Moses not to run away, but to face this head on. This took a step of faith from Moses. Moses had to demonstrate to the people that he feared G-d more than he feared them.

· Elders: Leaders

v6: Literally Moses is walking to G-d.

· This was not just any rock. It was a very specific rock (There is a connection between this rock and Yeshua- Yeshua is the foundation for everything that G-d does in this world).

· Horeb – another name for Mt Sinai.

v7: Massah means testing

· Meribah means being contentious – contending against G-d, but He used it for a miraculous experience.

· Is the L-rd among us or not? They faithlessly cast doubt on the fact that G-d was with them. This was an attack on the very character of G-d (“G-d with us”)

v8: When we doubt G-d it’s an invitation to the enemy to war against us.

· G-d had brought the people to this place where He wanted to provide comfort to them (Rephidim – upholstery) but they attacked Him instead and did not learn from His revelation to them.

v9: “Tomorrow I will stand” – we need to do things in G-d’s time. We don’t have to rush, fret or panic. “Tomorrow” also speaks of preparation –time given to make things ready.

· Rod of G-d – Moses had learnt that this rod was G-ds provision in his life. Moses clung to G-d’s provision.

v10: “So Joshua did as Moses said” – Joshua was a man who submitted to authority.

v11: Prayer (the lifting of our hands) makes a difference. Prayer and worship have a unique relationship. In fact, when we pray (in essence) we are worshipping G-d.

v12: At Horeb G-d had stood on the rock, here we see Moses positioned on the rock (He is learning from G-d’s example, and in so doing he brings G-d into this situation).

v13: This battle was all tied to what was going on spiritually on the top of that hill -prayer, and right worship on the right foundation (that rock). Proper worship strengthened Joshua and weakened the enemy.

v14: The memory of Amalek (He was connected to Edom) is going to be utterly wiped out before the Kingdom of G-d is established.

v15: This promise from G-d led Moses to a new experience of worship – he built an altar.

· Victorious armies flew banners over their enemies as a way of shaming them.

v16: Amalek (the enemy) is in every generation. The only way he is defeated is through faith.

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