The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 23 Part 2

Exodus 23:20-33

v20: Angel – same word as “messenger”. Messiah (Yeshua) was the messenger (Although He was NOT an angel He also came to earth on assignment) who showed and proclaimed to us the good news of the gospel.

· The way – The early believers were called the people of the way. This term “Way” relates to Messiah (John 14:6, Ex 33:12—15 – Moses was asking for Messiah, asking for the Way, the One G-d promised to send)

· “I have prepared” – reminiscent of Yeshua’s words (John 14:1-4)

v21: Beware: Guard yourself, be careful

· Provoke – same word can be translated “embitter” – bitterness turns people away. It can also relate to a rebellious character.

· Name =character. The character of G-d is in him (This Angel). Forgiveness, in its fullest sense, could not take place until the cross and resurrection.

v22: There was a kind of a unity between this messenger and the L-rd G-d Almighty.

· There is a benefit to obeying/hearing and doing the will of G-d.

v23: G-d knows all of our enemies. An enemy is not someone who doesn’t do what I want them to do. An enemy is someone who hinders me from carrying out the will of G-d.

v24: Frequently we see prohibitions against idolatry. It is a constant problem – the root of it being selfishness, putting ourselves first.

· How we worship impacts what we do. If someone believes that we need to resemble the world in order to bring people to Christ (rock star worship etc) they are speaking what is false. People should be attracted to the holiness of G-d – not to lights, sound and smoke machines.

· Deal radically with false worship (utterly overthrow, completely break down)

v25: Realize the context that provision and healing are set in – they occur within the context of proper and true worship (John 4:21-24). Is it possible that we don’t see much today because there are too many pagan practices in the church and in Judaism today?

v26: Fulfil the number of your days – i.e people would not die prematurely. The implication of this verse is that this won’t be fulfilled if these things (proper worship) aren’t being done. Because of sin this is not a reality in this world. We need to remember that G-d’s will is often conditional.

v27: The word “confusion” would be better translated “hum”, a noise. G-d creates a noise in order to scare the enemy and cause him to flee. When we listen to the one that G-d has sent to guard us on that way, this journey (into this place of provision and health), G-d will provide protection by scattering the enemy.

v28: Hornet – a wasp (a plague of wasps)

v29-30: G-d was going to use the enemies like labour on the land.

v31: G-d’s will is that Israel will expand. It is very small today in comparison to these boundaries.

· Sea of the Philistines – the Mediterranean sea.

· Most scholars agree that this is talking of the Euphrates river (not the Jordan river)

v32: The implication here is that while G-d was driving out the people little by little the Israelites were not to make any agreements with them.

v33: A snare (in modern Hebrew this is the word for a landmine) – they will bring about sinfulness in your life. You walk into a destructive danger, but you don’t realise it until it’s

too late. Today a lot of believers have their testimony (not their salvation) destroyed. A G-d-pleasing testimony gives us access to the power of G-d, greater insight, greater provision etc

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