The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 28 Part 1

Exodus 28:1-14

v1: The priestly family was a Levitical family (from the tribe of Levi). Not all Levites were priests, but every priest was a Levite.

· Aaron was the first high priest. He and his sons were set apart, from the rest of Israel, for this unique purpose of service to G-d (This was the primary, most important, call of the priest).

v2: Garments, Scripturally, are linked to deeds (Rev 19:8). Our deeds need to display the glory and beauty of G-d.

v3: Only through the Spirit of wisdom could these garments be made. These garments were a sign to others that Aaron, who served G-d (mentioned again here), was sanctified and set apart for a purpose (Matt 5:14-16).

v4: Six garments – the number 6 relates to grace. Worship is always connected to the grace of G-d (Titus 3:11-14).

v5: They – those who do the work of making these garments.

v6: The fact that G-d gives instruction about the ephod (like a vest, it is a foundation garment) stands out in the text (we would have expected it to have been the breastplate first -28:4)

· Artistically woven – this was a type of work that required insight and intelligence.

v7: These shoulder straps are going to serve a very important function (see 28:12).

v8: The band/sash/belt of the ephod was traditionally known as more of a decorative piece. Its purpose was to separate (set apart) the upper body from the lower.

· Intricately woven – intelligent design.

v9: The primary purpose of the priests (as already mentioned) was to serve/minister to G-d (carry out His will). This service, however, impacted the lives of others – our service to G-d impacts and affects the lives of all of G-d’s people. It is only when we worship properly that there is going to be a spiritual outcome (ie a change/transformation) as a result.

v10: Once again we see an emphasis on the number 6 – the number of grace. It’s only when we are recipients of grace that we’re going to be able to worship and serve G-d.

· According to their birth – G-d wanted them set in order.

v11: A signet ring bore the stamp and name of the owner on it.

v12: Memorial or remembrance has attached to it the concept of covenant. As Aaron went to minister before the L-rd he did so in memorial of the children of Israel. As new covenant believers, a royal priesthood, this has implications for us today. When we go before G-d we should be bringing Israel before Him too – wanting her to be transformed and changed.

Ultimately the Kingdom will not be established until a spiritual change comes to Israel (Matt 23:37-39)

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