The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 32 Part 2

Exodus 32:17-35

If G-d does not reveal His truth to us we won’t know what righteousness is, and nor will we

understand what His will is. We are utterly dependent upon His revelation.

v17: Noise of war: These people were making a loud noise- lifting up their voices, but not in praise and adoration to G-d

· A spiritual battle was taking place and the children of Israel (G-d’s covenant people) were losing because they had turned away from the instruction of Moses (the commandments of G-d -although these don’t save us they do teach us how to live a victorious life, once saved).

v18: “He” – most likely referring to Moses.

· It’s not the sound of victory or defeat – neither might/strength, nor the sound of weakness. What is going on here had great spiritual implications. Through idolatry, these people had removed themselves from under the authority of G-d and were operating under demonic influence.

· “sing” is not a correct translation for this word in Hebrew. Moses was saying that he heard the sound of idolatry.

v19: Dancing (although it can be G-dly), more often than not Scripturally, led to the will of the enemy (Matt 14:6-10).

· Cast the tablets – Moses intentionally broke the tablets.

· Foot of the mountain – This shows the spiritual location of the people. There was a reason why G-d did not let them ascend the mountain. He knew their spiritual condition. He commanded them to stay at the foot of the mountain because they were spiritually deficient (When we are spiritually inadequate, when we are rooted by the passions of our flesh, when we do not adhere to the instructions of G-d we are going to be in a spiritual location and condition whereby, in the end, the commandments of G-d are going to be broken)

v20: Fire signifies judgment. Breaking of commands leads to judgement.

· Drink it – They had to suffer the consequence of their actions.

v21: Moses understood that the people were the ones encouraging this behaviour, but nevertheless a leader is responsible for his leadership. He needs to listen to G-d, and not to the people.

v22: Set on evil – they do those things which are against the will of G-d.

v23: Make (for) us: not for G-d’s honour. They wanted their own gods.

· We do not know what’s become of him – they are lying. Lying is always an attempt to justify man’s desires.

v24: Verse 4 tells us that Aaron fashioned this calf with tools. Here Aaron lies and says something different – he makes it out to be miraculous.

v25: Moses saw – He had discernment

· Unrestrained = wild, unkept, fallen apart, not in proper order. Not a good testimony.

· Moses is telling Aaron that his leadership has exposed Israel to her enemies – those who rise up against her.

v26: Entrance/ gate – This is where the elders give their leadership, discernment and judgement.

· All the sons of Levi – this would have included Aaron (many see this as Aarons repentance). They reaffirmed their allegiance to the purpose of G-d.

v27: Those who were wanting the purposes of G-d to be fulfilled had a job to do – they had to place judgment upon those who were unrepentant. I.e. those who weren’t standing for the purposes of G-d.

v28: “That day” – always is within a context of judgment

v29: Righteous judgment produces a blessing. Where there is no judgement (done in love) on wrong teaching, wrong behaviour etc no blessing will be upon the people.

v30: Atonement covers over the sin but doesn’t take it away. Yeshua came to redeem us from sin – He didn’t cover over our sin but He removed it completely from us.

v31: Moses returned to the L-rd: (the next day): This taught the people that when Moses went up to the L-rd he was in a secure place, not in a place of danger.

· Moses interceded/petitioned G-d on behalf of the people.

v32: Book which You have written: This is not the same book as the Lamb’s book of life (Rev 13:8). Moses, as a leader and responsible for the people, was willing to take the wrap for them.

v33: The L-rd didn’t agree with this. We are learning spiritual laws here, and these laws cannot be changed. All humanity has sinned against G-d so all humanity should be blotted out of this book – that is why there is another book – the Lamb’s book of life! When we accept Yeshua our names are written in this book.

v34: Moses was tasked to lead the people to the One that G-d had spoken about -His messenger.

v35: This plague was a form of judgment. This teaches us something important about the nature of sin – sometimes punishment comes immediately, and sometimes it’s delayed.

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