The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 35 Part 1

Exodus 35:1-19

v1: Congregation – the root of this word literally comes from the word for “witness”, one that bears testimony. Having been redeemed, having been instructed in the commandments of G-d, we are called to be a testimony.

· Words…the L-rd has commanded you to DO – not to simply know them, but to do them.

v2: The Sabbath day teaches us that we are not on our own time schedule. We are on G-ds.

· Holy – related to the purposes of G-d, sanctification, His will. It is the ceasing (on that 7th day) that brings about a response from G-d.

v4: There is a shift in this verse toward the things that are related to worship.

· The thing – Moses is now getting very specific (not things but the thing – ie the word) One very important aspect of worship is offerings (something like a donation- its an offering over and above what is absolutely required).

v5-9: Willing – generous. It’s also related to the word for volunteering.

· G-d gave a specific list of what donations He found acceptable.

v10-19: These verses are a review of things we have already encountered.

· Skilful – wise, knowledgeable

Note: It is so significant that the people would travel with the tabernacle. This teaches us that in order to go the L-rd’s way it is incumbent upon us to worship G-d. If we are not worshiping G-d we are not going to be in His will and we cannot go on the journey in the way that He wants us to.

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