The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 35 Part 2

Exodus 35:20-35

One of the things that we are called to do as G-d’s people is to recognize His provision and to be good stewards of what He has given to us. Why? This is how we testify of His work in our lives.

If we’re not worshiping G-d properly we’re not going to be recipients of that provision (which

Includes revelation, insight, guidance)

v20: Moses had told the people what to do and now, in this verse, we see them responding.

v21: Stirred – lifted up. This underscores the fact that G-d sets us on an upward call (Phil 3:14).

· Spirit was willing – They wanted to participate in the things of G-d. When there is an opening to get involved in the things of G-d do we want to get involved?

v22: A willing (generous) heart – do we (men and women) have generous hearts? If not, we need to ask G-d to give us responsive hearts. These people put aside the things that glorified themselves and they gave these things to glorify G-d.

v23-28: They gave the things they valued, to G-d, as an act of obedience. Obedience is related to worship.

v29: A generous heart gives us a different perspective.

v30: “See” – This word implies that they are to see the faithfulness of G-d to provide (in this case a supernaturally skilled, knowledgeable man)

· Among all of the men Bezaleel, in a unique way, began to oversee the work of making these for the tabernacle.

v31: Whom the L-rd calls He also equips.

v32: He was given this insight, this understanding, in order to carry out the work – to be able to perceive the mind of G-d. All believers have been called to have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16)

v34: Judah = “praise” and Dan = “Judgement”. It is only when we worship (praise) G-d in all of our ways then G-d gives us discernment so that we can make the right judgments (that we will not be the victims of false teaching)

v35: It was only after the people willing gave to G-d that He responded by providing these individuals that He had prepared and gave insight to in order to carry out the work, so that the people could worship G-d in a new and appropriate way – in order to be a testimony to the world.

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