The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 37 Part 2

v17 (and v22): Hammered – the single lump of gold (“of the same piece”) that was going to make the lampstand (menorah), and all of its features, was beaten into shape.

v18: There were six branches on the lampstand, but they came off a central rod which was attached to the base – this made seven lights in total.

v19: Speaking of the aesthetics of the six branches.

v20: Not speaking about the branches, but rather about the construction of the central (uniquely made) rod.

v21: One branch went to the right; another one went to the left. In the middle of these two branches, where they came together, there was a knob.

v23: In Hebrew, the words used here allude to something that’s unusual, something that is the exception. These pieces of the lampstand were not made from that single lump of gold. They were separate.

· The seven lamps housed the oil and the wick.

· Wick trimmers also can be translated “tongs”. They probably dealt with the wick.

· The trays or censors would snuff out the fire.

v24: A talent is a unit of measurement.

Note: This lampstand was not very tall – it was about the height of an average man. According to tradition the light was miraculous. It is said that no matter where anyone was in Jerusalem the light of this lampstand could be miraculously seen. The shining light testified that G-d was with His people (John 8:12). G-d, eternal light, manifested Himself in darkness.

v25-28: This incense altar (as mentioned before) was associated with the prayers of the people of G-d.

v29: The holy (according to the purposes/will of G-d) anointing oil was another aspect of the tabernacle worship.

· This incense was made with a specific formula.

· Perfumer –can also be translated “pharmacist” – someone who is trained and equipped to mix things properly.

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