The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 38 Part 1

Exodus 38:1-19

When the end days temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem it will have NO spiritual relevance for believers. The temple that will be rebuilt in the last days will be for the purpose of the antichrist. What will go on in that temple will not be pleasing to G-d.

We have studied all of these things previously in Exodus, but each time we reencounter them we get a new and fuller perspective. They are written in a way to give us greater revelation – so that we can understand the details of worshiping G-d.

v1: The altar for the burnt offerings was outside the tabernacle, it was in the courtyard.

v3: The shovels would have been used to gather up the ashes.
· The basins would have been used for gathering up the blood.
· The forks would have been used to transport and adjust the positioning of the sacrifice.
· Firepans/censors – used for putting out the fire on the altar.

v4: A grate – the mesh grating that had the sacrifice placed on it.

v5-7: The rings and poles (used to go from one location to the next) should remind us that when we worship G-d we are constantly repositioned to be in the place where G-d wants us to be. If we are not worshiping properly we are going to have a spiritually stagnant life. This stagnation brings about frustration and discouragement.

v8: laver = basin for washing hands and feet of the priests
· Bronze mirrors – looking glass. These would have allowed there to be some type of a visual reflection in this basin in order that the people could see themselves.

v9-10: The carrying out of the instructions for the south side of the courtyard.
Note: The freedom and liberty we have been given as believers is the liberty to be set free from sin and to be able to submit to G-d.

v11: The north and south sides were the longer sides of this rectangular courtyard.

v12: The western (and smaller) side faced in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

v13-19: The eastern side was the most unusual side. It was divided into three sections – a partial side, then a gate (consisting of a screen) and another partial side.
· There was no compromise as to how this courtyard (or any part of the tabernacle) was made. G-d’s instructions were followed to the tee. For this reason, G-d was pleased with the finished product – it was according to His specifications and not modified to “suit ourselves”. This is another very important aspect of worship. When G-d is pleased with our obedience the outcome of that will be a moving of the Holy Spirit and His anointing in our lives to do what G-d has called us to do.

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