The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 38 Part 2

Exodus 38:20-31

Worship is foundational. We were created in order that we might worship G-d, and to do so in the way that His Word outlines.

v20: Pegs were driven into the ground for the purpose of bringing stability to the borders (fence) of the tabernacle courtyard. One thing we can learn from this is that when we submit, to the borders (the restrictions, the boundaries) that G-d sets, we are going to experience stability in our lives. We will be steadfast, immovable in the face of the enemy.

v21: In the rest of this chapter we are taken through an inventory of exactly what material, and how much of it, was used in the construction of the tabernacle. The word used that is translated “inventory” can also be understood as a charge, or an order, that G-d had given that needed to be specifically followed.

· The purpose of the tabernacle was to be a testimony – to testify of G-d to His people.

· By the hand – under the authority of

· Ithamar was probably the ruling priest (administrator) at that time.

v22: Most of the actual physical work was done (or administered) by Bezaleel.

v23: The artistic side of the tabernacle design was administrated by Aholiab.

v24: A talent was a large amount. A shekel was a smaller amount of gold.

v25: A great amount of silver and gold was used (more silver than gold) – and this all came from the Israelites who had plundered the Egyptians when they left Egypt (Ex 12:35-36)

Note: The purpose of this transfer of wealth was not for the Israelites to be wealthy (live in luxury etc), but it was so that the wealth could be utilized for worship (G-d provided beforehand what He knew would be required to serve Him, to carry out His purposes).

v26: The word “bekah” means ½ a shekel.

· Numbering – a census of all the men (over 20) was taken and they had to pay their ½ shekel yearly for tabernacle upkeep etc.

v27-31: Every piece of silver and bronze was accounted for.

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