The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 40 – A Recap

Exodus 40 – A recap

Over and over the emphasis of this book has been on two things:

1. Redemption leading to Passover

2. After Passover, an emphasis on serving (worshipping) G-d.

v1: G-d gave Moses revelation.

v2: Moses will set this up before the children of Israel and usher in a new way to worship – this had never been done before. This new experience takes place in that first month (the month that Passover is in – Ex 12:2)

v3: The ark represents the presence of G-d. His presence dwelt upon the ark of the covenant (Num 7:89)

· The veil concealed the ark from view. It was only seen once a year by the high priest.

v4: Here we have Moses putting everything in order.

v5: The burning of incense on the altar of incense is a picture of the prayers of the saints going up to G-d.

v6: This now speaks of the setting up of the courtyard.

v7: The priests washed their hands and their feet in a way of dedicating or consecrating themselves for service to G-d.

v8: There is a border for the entire tabernacle structure. It is set within a boundary.

v9-11: “Holy” is related to purpose. Anointing with oil represents a transition from that which is

common to that which is set apart for a purpose. This is what holiness is about – being set apart for a purpose.

v12-15: Ceremonial washing, preparation and sanctification (to make holy in order to be able to serve G-d) of the high priests and the other priests.

· Everlasting priesthood – In the New Jerusalem there is not going to be a typical Levitical priesthood. We all are going to be a kingdom of priests. Their ministry teaches us, imparts to us, a kingdom (eternal) reality.

v16: Did according to all…the L-rd had commanded: Very, very important and is emphasised again and again.

v17: First month – month of Nisan or Aviv (in the springtime). The tabernacle was set up a year after the exodus had taken place.

v18-30: Putting everything in order, into its rightful place.

· Worship is not about us expressing our liberty and our freedom to worship G-d as we like – that is idolatrous. Worship is us submitting to the Biblical instructions/principles that we find in the Scripture.

v31-32: It reached the time where Moses himself (because he was a Levite) also washed in order that he could serve and do these final things. He was not exempt. Moses (who had heard the instructions of the L-rd) was an example to the others (obedience is foundational for worship) of what they were to do in order to be acceptable before G-d for service.

v34: This cloud relates to the glory of G-d.

v36-37: It did not depend on the desire or the decisions of the people as to when they went or stayed. They were completely reliant on G-d for these decisions. When we do not feel the L-rd’s leadership or direction in our lives it leads to us feeling frustrated or stagnant – as we walk around in spiritual darkness.

v38: There is a change here. Instead of “children of Israel” we see “house of Israel”. “House”, according to the sages, speaks of family. Although we are servants of G-d worship transforms us into the family of G-d. We are brought into intimacy with Him.

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