The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 1

Exodus 7:1-13

When G-d reveals Himself to us are we wise and humble enough to say “Yes!” to His revelation? If we are, He brings about a positive change into our lives. If we don’t a negative change happens in our lives.

v1: This term “Elohim” (G-d) oftentimes, Scripturally, relates to the G-d who sets things in order, the righteous judge. G-d is giving Moses to Pharaoh as a judge. Moses is going to give Pharaoh truth and judgment. Pharaoh has to decide what he’s going to do with it.

· A prophet speaks for G-d.

v2: All that I command: Frequently when G-d speaks He speaks in the form of Commandments.

This is how He interacts most often with His people. If we’re not willing to receive those commands we are acting foolishly, as we are rejecting G-d’s revelation to us. Pharaoh chooses that which is unrighteous (He rejects G-d’s truth), and, we are going to see, that he does so with full knowledge and understanding.

v3: G-d, who is Sovereign, did not need Pharaoh to have a hard heart in order to achieve His purposes. He did not reach into Pharoah’s heart and make it hard in a vacuum. What happened to make G-d harden Pharoah’s heart? G-d was going to multiply His signs and wonders (His revelation) in Egypt and through these Pharoah’s heart was going to become harder and

harder. Pharoah rejected the revelation of G-d – if we reject G-d we grow further and further away from Him – our hearts becoming harder and harder. Pharoah exploits the goodness of G-d and rejects the will of G-d -we will see this in the days to come.

v4: Hand: Power and authority

· Armies: The children of Israel + a mixed multitude of Gentiles who join them

· Great judgments: It is only because of G-d’s judgment that His Kingdom will be brought about.

v5: Destruction came because of rejection. They knew what was required of them, but they rejected the will and plan of G-d.

v6: This verse emphasises the obedience of Moses and Aaron.

v7: Although older, Aaron is mentioned second. This emphasizes the role of Moses – a type of Messiah.

v8: We have seen in these verse that G-d is prophesying and telling the brothers what is going to still happen. Prophecy shows us that G-d is in control. Nothing is a surprise for Him.

v9: Pharaoh is going to ask to see G-d’s power. G-d is going to respond to Pharoah and give him what he asks for.

· Serpent – This is not the usual word for an ordinary snake. It’s a fearful, threatening one. It is a word also used in connection to satan.

v10: Over and over we see the obedience of Moses and Aaron to G-d’s call upon their lives. They demonstrate their trust in G-d and in His commands.

· Servants: Advised Pharaoh and gave him insight so that he could make the right decisions. We are going to see that eventually Pharoah even rejects their counsel – when they begin to perceive that what is going on is supernatural.

v11: Daniel 2:2 – Important advisors to the Pharaohs and kings.

v12: satan has power. G-d has power. But the question is: Whose power is greater?

· Swallowed up their rods: it devoured them. This is a show of superiority. This is a show of greater power. Pharaoh did not discern this, but focused on the wrong facts. Pharoah’s snakes were defeated but he didn’t pay attention to their defeat.

v13: Heart is also seen as a mindset. Here we see that Pharoah was unwilling to respond to G-d’s revelation. He set his mind against G-d and against G-d’s instruction. In the chapters to come we are going to see that every time G-d revealed Himself to Pharoah, Pharoah rejected Him and his heart became harder and harder. Pharoah’s heart became stronger in his own

desires rather than for the desires of G-d.

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