The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 1

Exodus 9:1-12

v1: Same command. No compromise. G-d does not change His ways – this should be so reassuring to us.

· The L-RD G-d of the Hebrews – they belong to G-d (like us – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Pharaoh is holding on to that which does not belong to him.

v2: If Pharaoh continues to hold on to that which is not his…

v3: G-d is going to respond and show Pharaoh who the real king over humanity is.

· The hand (heavier than a finger) – speaks of G-d’s deeds and power.

· Pestilence – plague and disease

v4: During this time of plague there would not be even one death among any of the livestock of the children of Israel. The Egyptians were going to suffer massive loss (v6 tells us that ALL their livestock died).

v5: Appointed a set time – determined, planned, set a date. G-d was merciful and gave Pharaoh one day to repent – but he remained defiant and didn’t.

v7: Livestock conveyed wealth. They were also a source of provision – food. G-d destroyed the wealth of the Egyptians in one day (foreshadows what is going to happen in the end – Revelation 18:9-20). This would have caused great emotional pain/suffering for the people.

· Pharaoh sent: someone to investigate and see if any of the livestock of the Israelites had died. He realised that what G-d had said was, once again, true. He once again refused to respond to G-d and remained defiant, dull in heart/understanding.

v8: This next plague becomes personal and deals with physical as well as emotional suffering.

· In the sight of Pharaoh: Pharoah needs to see/witness this.

v9: Boils/sores cause great suffering (Luke 16:19-31).

· This verse suggests that some time has passed, and there has been a replenishing of the beasts/animals.

v10: They: Moses and Aaron

v11: The “wise men” had often encouraged Pharaoh to reject or defy G-d.

Could not stand before Moses: This time they themselves were so affected by this plague that they could not report for duty. They were in a place of suffering so could not rise up and speak their lies or offer their deceit/falsehood to Pharaoh.

v12: We don’t know if this interpretation is true, but it almost seems as if Pharaoh was spared from having these boils. He didn’t seem to be suffering and, in fact, seemed indifferent to the suffering of others. When we are indifferent to the suffering of others it will have an effect upon us spiritually – it will cause our hearts to dull, and we will become insensitive to the things of G-d.

· This is the first time (on the sixth plague) that we read “But the L-RD hardened”. It is almost as if Pharaoh has now gone a step too far and has crossed the line of no return.

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