The Book of Exodus Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 2

Exodus 9:13- 35

v13: Rising up in the morning – shows priority.

v14: G-d has manifested His truth to Pharaoh over a period of time. Pharaoh understands that G-d means business, but Pharaoh’s knowledge and his behaviour aren’t coming together. Logic demands that he should respond obediently, but he isn’t. Why? Because he’s in bondage to his own desires. He doesn’t want to change or be transformed by the revelation of G-d (This is not a unique thought process in our day and age ).

v15: G-d is warning Pharaoh that he is choosing a pathway to insignificance. If we are not led by the Spirit and are not submissive to the Word of G-d we’re going to make poor decisions, which, from a kingdom perspective, will have no significance whatsoever. If we invest our resources and lives into things that have no eternal significance then we have wasted everything we were given, and it will all fade away.

v16: G-d’s grace to Pharaoh placed him in this position (as king of the then most powerful empire in the world) so that he would become knowledgeable about the power of G-d. G-d gave Pharaoh the opportunity to do the right thing. If Pharaoh had been obedient people would have seen G-d’s glory manifested through him and he would have been blessed. As it so happened, though, G-d’s glory was still manifested through Pharaoh’s choice to be disobedient – but the outcome for Pharaoh was ultimately one of curse (eternal insignificance and condemnation) and not of blessing.

v17: Pharaoh wanted to hold onto and oppress the people permanently.

v18: Behold – a word meaning to pay careful attention to something.

· This rain will not be in the form of water, but will be in the form of hail.

· Not been since its founding – this hail will be unique – supernatural. It cannot be explained naturally.

v19: Send now: There is an urgency to obey right now – even though the hail (judgement) will only fall on the morrow.

· Gather your livestock: G-d gave Pharaoh a limited opportunity or chance to obey (I set before you life and death…choose life) G-d gives us choices. He can encourage and assist us to make the right ones, but He does not manipulate us in a way that are our decisions are irresistible – we are not puppets who can’t control what we do or don’t do. We have free will. G-d never causes us to sin. Nor does He predestine some for hell and some for eternal life – His desire is for ALL to be saved.

v20: Things have changed! You will notice that some of the Egyptians have now developed a fear of the L-RD and a respect/reverence for His Word. They are now quick to obey!

v21: Those who feared the L-rd responded in one way, those who didn’t fear Him responded in the opposite way and they were going to suffer loss. It was a costly mistake.

v23: Thunder – the sounds announced the destruction that was coming.

· This was not normal hail- It had flames of fire mingled in it.

v25: G-d’s power was physically evident for all to see.

v26: This verse shows, again, the benefits of being in a covenantal relationship with Almighty G-d!

v27: Pharaoh didn’t think he had been sinning up to this point – although he had been. There has been some spiritual growth and now he realises that he and his people are sinners and that G-d is righteous – this is good theology.

v28: Pharaoh was really disturbed by the sound of the thunder (the voice announcing the destruction – very reminiscent of what happened at Mt Sinai – the people were also petrified, Exodus 20:18-21) – as much as he was disturbed by the hail.

v30: Even though Pharaoh is speaking differently Moses, prophetically, knows that he is just acting, and nothing has really changed in him.

v31-32: These two verses speak about the uniqueness of G-d’s judgment. Verse 31 tells us that this took place in the springtime – the flax and barley are spring crops. But verse 32 shows us G-d’s grace and kindness to these people – He destroyed the present harvest, but spared the later (future) harvest (Romans 6:1-2).

v34: Everything G-d promised He did. Everything Pharaoh promised he didn’t do.

· He sinned yet more…sin is knowing the truth of G-d (knowing He’s righteous and we’re unrighteous) but continuing in unrighteousness. Sin is the cement that hardens our hearts.

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