The Book of Exodus Chapter 16 Part 1

Exodus 16:1-12

It is only through G-d’s leadership that we are going to move to where He wants us to be. When things are difficult we shouldn’t be surprised, lose faith, or be a people who despair (Acts 14:22)

v1: Wilderness of Sin: This word “sin” is not related to the English word sin/transgression.

· A wilderness is a place of emptiness. When we are following the leadership of the Holy Spirit we find ourselves (often) in places that we would never naturally choose to be in. G-d often positions us in these places to see if we are going to trust H

· Between Elim and Sinai: Arabia (known today as Saudi Arabia)

· They are there exactly 1 month after leaving Egypt. They have spent 30 days under G-d’s leadership and provision.

v2: Murmured: Complained. If you want to be pleasing to G-d, and full of the Holy Spirit, learn to stop complaining. Complaining always makes a situation worse. If we are following G-d He has not put us (allowed us to be) in that situation by accident.

v3: These people are not interested in the journey. But it is in the journey that G-d prepares us for what He has for us. They are not thinking about their call and the promises of G-d (where He wants to take them), but they are thinking of something temporal, carnal – physical satisfaction. We need to be Kingdom minded – its not about what we want, or about what we want to achieve (our “destiny”), but it is about living for what G-d desires for our lives (Matthew 6:33).

v4: I will rain bread from heaven – G-d had a plan for provision.

· This bread was another test for the people. This test was that only a certain quote of bread could be gathered a day. This was G-d’s instruction that accompanied this provision. This implies a decision had to be made by each person Were the people going to obey His command? Testing is part of conditioning/ preparation..

v5: This was the second part of their test: On the sixth day (preparation day for the Sabbath. G-d made a distinction between this day and the other days) a double portion of bread could be gathered.

v6: Evening: Late afternoon. The time of transition between light and dark.

· Out of the land of Egypt: G-d is reminding them of redemption and of the fact that He is leading them.

v7: What are we that you murmur against us?: Moses and Aaron speaking here. They are reminding the people that they are mere men, like them, and that G-d is in fact the leader. Moses and Aaron are trying to teach the people that G-d is sovereign in this circumstance. He has brought them into this situation in order to grow and transform them (2 Corinthians 3:18, 2 Corinthians 5:17)

· ‘Glory of G-d’ relates to the revelation of G-d. When G-d reveals Himself there’s a

manifestation of His glory.

v8: This is a very important verse. We see that G-d is moving despite the complaining of the people. Why? G-d is aware of their short sightedness. They have been in bondage for a long time and have not been trained on how to walk with the L-rd. Based upon their immaturity, G-d responds to them where they are at.

· Moses repeats what he told the people in v7. He understands that he cant take this complaining personally. When you are serving G-d, and someone complains against you it’s really that they have a problem with G-d.

v9: Come near: This is the solution. This is what’s going to cause the situation to change. Unless the people get close to G-d their situation is not going to change.

v10: They looked toward: Literally “they turned”- toward the wilderness! They didn’t want to be in the wilderness, they desired to be in Egypt, but here we see a transition taking place.

· “Behold” – this word always points to something exciting and significant.

· The wilderness is a place that demands trust, faith and dependence on G-d. Only when they turned to the wilderness did they behold the glory of G-d.

v12: “I have heard”: G-d’s been listening.

· Twilight: That time between when the sun starts to set and when it actually sets. This was the time of the slaughtering of the Lamb of redemption (Exodus 12:6) Redemption changes our perspective.

· You shall know that I am the L-rd your G-d: That’s what He wanted them to realise and understand. He is trustworthy. He is faithful to provide (Matthew 19:26). Its only when we believe, have faith, know G-d, that we are going to be transformed.

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