The Book of Exodus Chapter 31 Part 1

Exodus 31:1-11

v2: Two unique men are named in this passage. They are going to be commissioned, and have already been prepared, to serve G-d. This is a Biblical truth – G-d calls, but even before He calls

He equips and positions that person whereby they are ready to serve Him.

· Judah speaks of giving thanks to G-d.

v3: The Spirit of G-d – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is foundational for us in order to worship G-d in a right, proper, G-d pleasing way. He brings order to everything – and that includes the worship experience.

· Knowledge – discernment, making right decisions

v4: To design – G-d gave Bezaleel the ability to think thoughts. This is a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit in growing and maturing him. The Holy Spirit changed the way he thought, the way he saw things (his perspective).

v5: G-d gives him intelligence in order that he can work with gold, silver etc

v6: Dan means “judgment” (Judah is related to worship and Dan to judgement. It’s only when we are worshipping correctly that we are going to be recipients of discernment -from G-d’s perspective- so that we can render right judgments/decisions in our lives).

v7: Ark of Testimony(covenant). The reason it is called the ark of testimony is because G-d appeared above it, and it bore testimony that His Presence was there.

v8-9: The furniture/vessels in the Holy Place

· The lampstand is called pure here. It could be because it is made of pure gold, or because the oil used was pure (clean, only olive oil and no other ingredients).

· When we are walking in purity we can expect G-d’s Presence (light) to be with us.

v11: “Do all I have commanded you” – this is emphasised. We saw it in v6 and we see it again in this verse. This tells us that it is impossible to worship G-d if we’re not submitting to His instructions. Biblical worship, foundationally, is always about us submitting to the instructions of G-d.

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