The Book of Exodus Chapter 31 Part 2

Exodus 31:12-18

Every day is a day of worship – not only the Sabbath day. What makes the Sabbath different from other days, though, is that it has been sanctified and set apart as a day of rest.

Specific offerings were made on the Sabbath day (Num 28:9-10). If these offerings were not made then the Sabbath day was considered unkept. There is no altar or temple today so there is no way that one can literally, from a Biblical standpoint, keep the Sabbath today (James 2:10).

Today, however, we can keep the Sabbath not by law but as it was originally intended to be kept – by faith, thereby fulfilling the righteous purposes of the law (Roms 8:4) Practically this means that we can still see relevance and purpose in the Sabbath.

v13: Children of Israel = the 12 tribes + the mixed multitude who left Egypt with them.

· Sabbaths does not only refer to the seventh day of the week, but also to the sabbaths related to the festival days, the sabbath year as well as to the year of Jubilee.

· A sign relates to something miraculous – something that only G-d is able to do.

· When we acknowledge/honour the Sabbath we remember that G-d has sanctified it and set it apart. He has given these days purpose. Sanctification is a process by which holiness is manifested. (holiness is related to the purposes of G-d)

v14: The Sabbath has a holy aspect for us.

· Everyone who profaned it was put to death – this tells us how important the Sabbath is. The Sabbath cannot be enforced today as there is no temple, but we need to realise that it is still relevant to us spiritually.

v15: Surely – it’s a word of intensity.

· Put to death is again emphasised.

v16: Keep…and observe (do): The Sabbath teaches us about the Kingdom – having a character that demonstrates submissiveness (See Isaiah 58:13-14). The outcome of submission is joy and delight spiritually (oftentimes even experienced physically).

v17: The children of Israel – those who are going to inherit the Kingdom promises.

· On the Sabbath G-d stopped creating so that He could spend time with us. We see this in the NT too – many of Yeshua’s miracles of restoration etc were performed on the Sabbath day.

· Refreshed has to do with the soul. G-d brings about a spiritual outcome because of the Sabbath.

v18: The finger of G-d shows a personal touch. Don’t miss the context here! It is so significant that as we are reading about the Sabbath it concludes with the personal touch of G-d. On this day G-d works to bring sanctification into our lives. The outcome of that is related to the commands of G-d. It’s through the commandments of G-d that we are taught how we are supposed to serve G-d/how we are to behave -in such a way as to demonstrate the character of G-d in our lives.

Note: The Sabbath is not a reward that we get for working six days. The Sabbath prepares us for the work/service that we are required to do in those other six days of the week. As believers we need to be fully prepared and restored in order to serve Him and to demonstrate His sanctifying influence in our lives.

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