The Book of Exodus Chapter 37 Part 1

Exodus 37:1-16

v1: G-d gave Bezleel wisdom and understanding so that he could fulfil G-d’s purpose – the role G-d had called him to.

v2: This ark was completely, totally, covered with pure gold.

· A moulding = a decorative border.

v3-5: The rings and the pole were necessary so that the Ark of the Covenant could be transported. The Israelites moved to approximately 40 different locations during their

40 years in the wilderness, so they needed something easily portable.

v6: The most important part of this Ark was this lid – the mercy seat. This seat teaches us about atonement (covering of our sins).

v7-8: Both cherubim were hammered from the same (one) lump of gold that also covered the mercy seat. They were not a separate work that was placed upon the mercy seat, but they were part of the workmanship of the mercy seat.

v9: Spread out their wings above ie: upwards but also toward the mercy seat. They faced one another but didn’t look at one another. Their faces were looking at the mercy seat (the rabbis say this is a sign of humility).

v10-11: Table – of showbread. This bread was known as the bread of the presence of G-d. It was also understood symbolically as blessing, provision.

· These vessels were made to have an appearance that showed a workmanship, a quality, a thought process. They showed that they were not just for any type of purpose but for a G-dly and holy purpose.

v12: The frame was decorative.

v13-15: Again for transportation. Worship brings change. As they would go from place to place

they would have different experiences on the journey. They would encounter different obstacles. They would see G-d’s provision. They learned to carry a G-dly testimony with them wherever they went.

v16: The bread was not placed directly upon the table but was placed on shelves. 12 showbreads were made each week – the old ones replaced with the new.

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