The Book of Exodus Chapter 39

Exodus 39

G-d is a G-d of detail. He sets forth His will in a very specific manner. The commands He gives in relation to worship are foundational. The repetition (throughout Exodus) shows emphasis and therefore significance. The purpose of the priesthood was to serve G-d and minister to others.

v1: “As the L-rd had commanded Moses” – this emphasizes that the work of worship is to recognize the authority of G-d and follow His instructions. It shows submissiveness.

v2: The ephod was like a vest.

v3: All was made according to the thought and design of G-d. Everything was planned and did not just happen.

v4: The shoulder straps fit tightly and held everything in place.

v5: Once more, we see this consistency of materials. These things were made in the same way and for one purpose – to minister, to do the work.

v6: The signet ring speaks of authority – this simply speaks of the authority that G-d gave Israel in regard to her call and purpose.

v7: The worship that the priests performed had an impact upon the children of Israel. When worship is done properly it has an effect, an influence, upon people.

v8-17: Outlines the making of the breastplate.

v18-21: The Breastplate and the ephod were linked together and were not allowed to come loose from one another.

v22-26: This is now another garment. A robe or a coat.

· The opening in this robe was obviously for the priests head to go through it. This opening was reinforced so that when it encountered pressure from being put on it wouldn’t be in danger of tearing.

· The pomegranates alternated with the bells on the hem of the robe.

v30: This plate is the head plate that was worn by the high priest.

· The signet is again mentioned. Authority is again emphasised.

· Holiness relates to purpose. So “Holy to the L-rd” means that they are sanctified and consecrated for the purpose of G-d – that He might be glorified by the obedient work of the priests.

v31: When someone lessens (or is not committed to) the authority of Scripture it’s because

they’re not committed to the things of G-d. The will of G-d is not their interest. Honour G-d by doing His word. Worship G-d by following the instructions of Scripture.

v32: Borders (boundaries) are important to G-d, and we want to keep within the borders that He has approved for us – we do not want to transgress them (Ps 16: 5-6)

v33: The children of Israel didn’t just obey, but they demonstrated their obedience (they had a testimony of faithfulness to G-d)

v34: The veil of the covering was that veil used for separation between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

v35: The articles found in the Most Holy Place.

v36-38: The articles/vessels found in the Holy Place

v39-40: These are now the vessels found outside the tabernacle i.e. in the courtyard area.

v42: Work can also be translated “service” or “worship”.

v43: This is a very significant ending to the completion of the tabernacle.

· Because the people did what the L-rd required they were blessed. (The blessing that Moses placed upon the people didn’t originate with Moses) G-dly worship brings change and positions us in a place whereby G-d will bless us.

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