The Book of First Peter Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 4

This week finishes with 1 Peter 3:13-17

v13: The implication of this verse is this: if we become imitators of good then there is no need for us to worry about those who want to do evil to us, or even to worry about the evil itself. 

  • Followers or imitators: A word of practice (behaviour). There is safety in doing good.  We are secure when we are in G-d’s will. 

v14: Suffer: Suffering changes our perspective, which often leads to a change in our behaviour.

  • Righteousness: Doing that which is good i.e G-d’s will  
  • Blessed: Think twice before asking G-d to bless you! Sometimes blessing comes through suffering. Suffering for righteousness (the best example of this being the cross) is a Kingdom manifestation. It changes the dynamics spiritually and releases great power.
  • Do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled: Quoted from Isaiah 8:12.
  • Threats: People threaten us because they are trying to make us afraid. But we do not need to be afraid. G-d has got it under control. 
  • Nor be troubled: When We are in G-d’s will, He will fight our battles. As we focus on G-d and on His instructions, He will move against the enemy. 

v15: A defence: An explanation  

  • Hope: Peter has written to us about the fact that holy wives are motivated by hope.Hope gives us endurance, but, we see here, that hope demonstrated (hope lived out) causes people to inquire – people want us to give testimony as to why they see a difference in us. 
  • Meekness: Gentleness
  • Fear: We need to respect others, but we do so in the fear of the L-rd. 

v16: Defame you as evildoers…revile your good conduct: Isaiah 5:20. This is prophetically what is in store for the people of G-d alive in the last days. When we are behaving in a G-dly way there are going to be those that speak against us saying that we are evil doers. They are going to insult those who remain steadfast in G-d’s will. 

  • IN Messiah: When we are in Messiah we are going to live differently. The world is not going to like us being in this relationship with Him, being obedient to Him. They are going to speak against it and call it ‘evil’. In the end, if they do not change, all of that is going to be a cause for G-d to place eternal shame upon them. What they intended for our shame G-d will turn into His glory.
  • Ashamed: They are going to be brought to shame when they insult our good conduct.

v17: It is better: This is the mindset that we need to have.

  • To suffer for doing good: When it comes to suffering, we have a perfect example: Messiah Yeshua.

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