The Book of First Peter Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

On to 1 Peter 4:7-11

v7: The end of all things (the end of this creation) is at hand: Are we ready for this? This creation is ultimately going to be destroyed by G-d, as He has something better planned for us. 

  • Serious and watchful in your prayers: We cannot pray effectively if we don’t have the right perspective, if we aren’t thinking correctly, and if we’re not interested in, and committed to, what we should be interested in and committed to. So many of us in the church are praying for one thing and G-d is leading in a very different direction. This is why we need to be studying and asking G-d to help us to understand the prophetic Scriptures – so we can pray with wisdom and understanding. 

v8:  Fervent love for one another: Gal 5:14 – the Spirit of the law. We are not saved by the law, but when we are walking in obedience to G-d’s commandments, we are going to keep it. The commandments reveal G-d’s expectations – what He expects us to do and what He expects us not to do. The message of the law and the message of the Holy Spirit is the same – those who walk not in the flesh but according to the Spirit fulfil the righteousness of the law (Roms 8:4). The law gives us the objective, but it is the Spirit that gives us the power to fulfil that call, those expectations, from G-d.

  • Love will cover: This is a promise. Quoted from Prov 10:12
  • Love will cover a multitude (an abundance) of sin: When we are sinned against but we respond to that sin by loving the offender that sin doesn’t have to lead to another sin and another and another. Sin can be halted in its tracks. 

9:  Be hospitable: Love strangers

  • Without grumbling: Without complaining

v10:  Minister it:  Use it, practice it, put it into action.

  • Stewards: Managers 

v11:  Speak: The ability to speak G-d’s Word is a gift from G-d. 

  • In all things G-d is glorified: If our daily prayer and objective is to glorify G-d then this is a prayer that G-d will answer in our lives.  

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