The Book of First Peter Chapter 1 Part 2

We go on to 1 Peter 1:3-5

v3: Abundant mercy: Peter experienced a lot of failure in his life. G-d can even use failure. He can restore us and bring about a mighty change in our lives when we recognize our need for abundant mercy. Abundant mercy is only found in the blood, the sacrifice, of Yeshua. G-d’s mercy helps us to walk in His will. The greatest change in Peter’s life happened after the resurrection. After he had seen the risen Messiah, everything was different because Peter then understood the Kingdom truth.

  • Begotten us again: Born anew. Born again. Regenerated. 
  • Living Hope: Kingdom hope. As believers, our hope should not be founded on what we want – our own dreams, desires, or destiny. If hope is rooted in what we want, then hope becomes idolatry. If our hope is not Biblically based, then we have moved away from truth. Hope should always be based on the promises of G-d (what G-d has revealed to us through His Word). There is a relationship between hope and the will of G-d. G-d’s wonderful promises can only be realised in our lives when we are in His will. When we have embraced the promises of G-d, and we hold on to them (hope), we are going to have endurance and the ability to continue walking steadfastly, no matter what the enemy throws at us. We do not need to live in fear or be concerned about difficult times. Through difficult times we need to be considering this: What is G-d’s assignment for me? What does He want me to accomplish through that time?
  • Living hope through the resurrection: We do not need to fear death. Death does not represent failure. The death of Yeshua revealed the glory of G-d. It was through Yeshua’s death that the will of G-d was fulfilled. If Paul had been faced with a choice between life and death, he would have chosen death because he believed in a resurrection (Phil 1:23). Through resurrection we will have a full Kingdom experience. In this we see that hope continues to live beyond the grave (Heb 11:39-40).

v4: An inheritance: This is one of the promises that believers have that we can, with hope, hold on to. 

  • Incorruptible: This means that it cannot decay.  
  • Reserved in heaven: G-d has kept it for us. The grammatical tense reveals to us that G-d is the One who has been responsible to keep our inheritance in the past, is keeping it even now and will continue to do so into the future. This gives us assurance. G-d is keeping a marvellous inheritance for us until we become recipients of it.
  • Heaven: This is a word that should remind us of the Kingdom of G-d. Peter is revealing to us that the motivation for enduring, persevering, remaining faithful, etc is based upon a Kingdom promise. G-d’s eternal promises cannot be compared to any momentary suffering that we might face (For these light and momentary troubles…2 Cor 4:17). 

v5: Faith: This is referring to our (personal) faith. When we allow the enemy to turn us away from Biblically based hope (a Kingdom hope) we will begin to experience failure. When we have hope in the promises of G-d we receive His provision – the anointing of the Holy Spirit that enables us to overcome and receive the good things that G-d has stored up for us (Ps 31:19, Prov 13:22, 2 Tim 4:8 etc). 

  • Revealed in the last (end) time: Currentlywe are seeing the precursor of what Yeshua called ‘birth pains’ or ‘sorrows’ (Matt 24:5-14). Things are going to get a lot worse. Darkness is going to cover this world. We need to be individuals that are able to see the light (what G-d is going to reveal at the end). The only way that we will see that light (revelation) is by understanding G-d’s truth – as revealed to us in His Word. 

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