The Book of First Peter Chapter 1 Part 4

1 Peter 1:10-12

v10: This salvation: There are two ways that the Bible speaks about salvation: 

  1. There is the salvation that we receive through grace, by faith, in Messiah Yeshua (Roms 10:9-10). This salvation guarantees us eternal life and is a salvation that we cannot earn. Peter is not talking here about this kind of salvation (redemption, payment, justification). 
  2. Once we have been saved, we need to realise that there is a final (Kingdom) outcome of being saved (Phil 2:12-13)…that of doing. 
  • The prophets: The prophets (considered to be ‘true servants’) are often mentioned when a verse or a text is set within a last day context. 
  • Inquired…searched diligently: They desired, and sought, insight and understanding into how near they were to the first coming of the Yeshua (See 1 Peter 1:11).  
  • The grace that would come: These prophets knew that there was going to be a generation where the grace of G-d would be made available. This grace became available to us at the first coming of Yeshua. 

v11: Searching … what manner of time: They were looking for clarification as to when the Messiah would come, when He would suffer and when He would be glorified.

  • The Spirit: Whenever the Spirit is mentioned in Scripture, He should remind us of G-d’s order, purposes and plans being set into place (Gen 1:2-3…). These prophets knew that the Messiah was the One who would bring G-d’s plans and purposes to pass. 
  • Testified: What was testified to?The means by which this Kingdom grace would be manifested.
  • The sufferings of Messiah: Prophetically the Scripture teaches, and the prophets emphasised, that for things to be brought into order the Messiah had to suffer.
  • Glories: A Kingdom word. When we read about the manifestation of G-d’s glory in the Old Testament we know that it was a foreshadowing of the great glory that is to come. Hebrews 8:5 tells us that what can be seen on earth is just a shadow or a copy of the reality that awaits us in heaven – in the Kingdom of G-d. Suffering is part of the pattern that leads us to the real glory. 
  • That would follow: After the suffering of Messiah came glory! Yeshua suffered so that His Kingdom grace could be revealed to us. End time believers (the body of Messiah) are going to go through a similar experience of suffering – enduring hardship and persecution – in order to bring about a change (the transition from this worldly Kingdom into the glorious Kingdom that Yeshua is coming to set up). 

v12: Them: The prophets

  • Holy Spirit: As already mentioned, mention of the Holy Spirit reminds us that things are going to be put into order so that G-d’s Kingdom promises can be revealed. If part of this “setting things into order” involves momentary suffering on our part (for a glorious Kingdom outcome) are we willing to do it? Are we motivated to persevere in light of what may be great atrocities that believers are going to have to endure in order for that great Kingdom outcome to be achieved? The Holy Spirit was present in Yeshua’s first coming, and He is going to be working mightily in light of His return.
  • The angels: The angels have a very different perspective to us. They are frequently in heaven and have seen unbelievable examples of the very presence of G-d. 
  • Desire: This is a word that means to strongly yearn for. 
  • The angels desire to look into (gaze upon): This is what the angels are interested in – to gaze upon the Kingdom of G-d in its final and glorious state. 

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