The Book of First Peter Chapter 2 Part 1

Let’s begin chapter 2! 1 Peter 2:1-3

v1: Therefore: Based upon what Peter has said in chapter 1- that wonderful inheritance, that living hope that we as believers have, all of those promises that G-d has said He is going to do in our lives. Because of all these things we need to set/lay aside….

  • Laying aside: This is something we decide to do – it is a decision. 
  • {malice} Evilness: [κακίαν (kakian)] Although this word can be translated in a variety of ways it is the literal word for ‘evilness’. The Biblical concept of evil simply means anything that is opposed to G-d’s will, something that is not part of His plan. 
  • (literally )All evilness and all deception (guile): There is a relationship between these two things.  Although Peter, in this verse, speaks of five things that we need to get rid of, he ties these two together in a unique grammatical way. Both of them are written in the singular. Whenever we pursue that which is not G-d’s will there is going to be deceit in our lives (in the Garden of Eden satan used deceit to get Adam and Eve to go against G-d’s plan, to be out of His will – Genesis 3). The only solution against deceit is truth. This is why it is so important that we understand the Word of G-d, as His Word is truth. Unless we conform to the truth of Scripture we will not be sanctified, G-d’s power will not be released in our lives and nor will His anointing be on us. 
  • Hypocrisy: Written in the plural.Hypocrisy means that the profession of our faith is not matched by our behaviour. Hypocrisy is also based in a lie.
  • Envies (written in the plural in Greek): If we have envy in our lives, it means that we are living with the wrong perspective. Envy is a desire for that which is in conflict with G-d’s will for our lives.
  • Evil speaking: We are called to proclaim truth. We are called to speak in a way that proclaims the will of G-d. There is a relationship between what we think and what we say (Luke 6:45)

v2: Pure milk: This kind of milk has nothing in it that is harmful.Whenever we take something into our thoughts, through our eyes, through our ears etc that is not pure it is going to have an adverse effect upon us spiritually. This is why Proverbs tells us that we need to guard ourselves (Prov 4:20-27).We must never become complacent or casual and drop our guard. It is only when we desire and receive that pure milk that we can grow.

  • You may grow: Again, this word is written in the passive. This means that it is only because of this milk (this Word) that we can grow spiritually. We cannot cause ourselves to grow without it. 

v3: Gracious [χρηστὸς (chrēstos)]: This is not the normal word for good but is derived from this concept of kindness. G-d’s kindness has a purpose attached to it. G-d deals with us kindly in order that we change and that we are committed to His will, His purpose, His desires for us. If we have tasted of, or received, that kindness from G-d we are going to want to serve G-d. His kindness is attractive to us. It is a part of G-d’s character that draws us to Him. That is why theology is so important. When we understand the nature of G-d (how He behaves and what is important to Him etc) we are drawn towards Him. 

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