The Book of Haggai Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 1

We begin this study by reading Haggai 1:1-5

It is time to take another deep dive into the prophetsAlthough only two chapters, Haggai is a treasure chest full of beautiful treasures. I encourage you to dig deep, to search the Scriptures for all its precious nuggets, and I pray that you will be far wealthier, spiritually, at the end of this study than you are right now. The commentary of these verses is based on the NKJV.

The name Haggai means “My festivals” – speaking of G-d’s festivals or appointed times (Leviticus 23). Colossians 2:16-17 tells us that G-d’s appointed festivals are a shadow of the things to come. In other words, they are a paradigm for helping us to understand what has taken place (Yeshua fulfilling the Passover, the first fruits as well as the feast of weeks – Shavuot – at His first coming) and what He is coming again to fulfill (Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles).

v1 Darius was not a king in Israel. Although the exile had ended in Haggai’s day the mention of Darius reveals to us that the exile had not ended in its entirety (this is the same for the Jews in Israel today. The exile has ended, and they are back in the land, but they have no temple. This means that they are not yet in Kingdom times and there is still some degree of spiritual exile).

· The sixth month is the month of Elul (on the Biblical calendar). According to Jewish tradition a shofar is blown on every day of this month except for the Sabbath day. It is known as a month of preparation and repentance.

· In Judaism the first day of the month was very important (Rosh Chodesh). In the old days no one worked on this day, but it was a day of celebration and rejoicing.

· Zerubbabel was an important leader governmentally.

· Joshua was the high priest – an important leader spiritually (Zech 3:1)

v2 “This people” – the people who Zerubbabel and Joshua were influencing.

· The time has not come – most of the people were not interested in worshipping G-d. From a physical standpoint they felt that they were doing well without G-d (see v4)

v4 Paneled houses – luxurious, expensive homes. It shows that the people who had returned from the exile were prosperous.

· They were living in their beautiful homes and G-d’s house was in ruins. Their priorities were not in the right place.

v5 Consider your ways – pay attention! The L-rd is asking the people to make an adjustment in the way they think. Their thoughts need realignment so that they can have a right, G-d pleasing perspective.

· When G-d speaks about their “ways” He is calling for an adjustment in their lifestyles.

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