The Book of Haggai Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 2

On to Haggai 1:6-11

v6 There is nothing lazy about these people. They have worked hard and have planted many seeds. However, they are not getting the results that they should have. This is a frustrating experience for them.

v7 G-d is again emphasizing a need for a change of mindset. He didn’t want His covenant people to be frustrated. This command was given for the purpose of ending their frustration. When we are in G-d’s will, committed to His ways, worshipping Him in the way He desires to be worshipped, we are not going to experience frustration. We may still have problems, but G-d will give us satisfaction even within the midst of hardship.

v8 “Go… bring… build”: A simple command. Will we be people who respond to G-d and take simple truth and put it into action?

· Take pleasure… and be glorified: When we obey G-d His desire is met, and we are pleasing to Him. Pleasing G-d is what should be of interest to us.

v9 “Looked for much” – they had an expectation that because they had worked so hard they would receive a lot, but it was an unmet expectation – instead of much they received little.

· Why? No-one was concerned about the L- rd’s house, the temple. That temple in Jerusalem was meant to be a house of testimony to all nations (Ex 25:21-22). People had their own homes, but G-d did not have His.

v10 G-d had blessed the people over the years but no one had shown a sensitivity to the desire or will of G-d. They were not living lives that were pleasing to G-d.

· Therefore… The people were going to experience, in a very physical way, what G-d’s perspective of them was.

· Dew is related to water and water is related to blessing. G-d was going to withhold His blessing from them.

· The land of Israel was a type of spiritual barometer. When others looked at the land of Israel they would see what the spiritual condition of the people (and of the world) was like.

v11 G-d is speaking and saying He is going to call a drought on the land. A drought is a slow process of bringing about death and destruction.

· Things were about to change! We see the same things happening today. G-d’s displeasure is on the horizon. Things have quickly changed and become different. Will we worship G-d in a rapidly changing world? Will we have G-d’s perspective and allow Him to work in our lives? Will we be people who desire, first and foremost, to be pleasing to G-d?

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