The Book of Haggai Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 4

Our week begins with Haggai 2:15-19

v15 Carefully consider: Pay attention, set your hearts and minds to it.

· From this day – we were told in 2:10 (and will be told in 2:18) that this day is the 24th day of the ninth month (Kislev) – the evening of the start of Hanukkah.

· The people were being asked to think about the time before the rebuilding of the temple took place.

v16 They had an expectation but it was not fulfilled. This should remind us of what we read earlier – the second temple seemed insignificant in the eyes of the people – it was not quite what they were hoping for. Something needed to be done in order for a change to take place.

v17 No-one was turning to G-d and seeking Him properly.

v18 This date emphasized again.

· Foundation – In Is 28:16 Isaiah prophesied that G-d was going to lay a stone for a foundation in Zion. Psalm 118:22 tells us that that stone was going to be rejected, but that it would become the chief cornerstone. Yeshua prophesied in Matt 21:44 that the one who stumbled or fell over this stone was going to be destroyed. Peter (quoting Isaiah – 1Pt 2:6) revealed to us that those who believe in the chief cornerstone will never be ashamed. The foundation of our faith, the rock of our salvation, is Yeshua!

v19 G-d is promising here that he is going to bless the seed (the vine, the fig etc) which is still in the barn. He is going to bless them before they are even able to bear fruit. The expectation here is that He is going to bless them from this day – the 24th day of Kislev (the eve of Hannukah).

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