The Book of Haggai Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 3

Let’s finish off Haggai 1:12-15

v12 in this verse we see a result. The two leaders and the REMNANT of the people responded to the prophetic Word of G-d.

· A remnant does not refer to the majority of the people, but it refers to a small minority of them. What about the majority of the people? They were indifferent and had no zeal for the things of G-d (see Rev 3:15-16). We need to be people who are excited about what G-d is doing – even if we find ourselves in difficult circumstances (Luke 21:28 – we need to lift up our heads i.e. take courage)

· “Their G-d”: They had a covenantal relationship with G-d and were pursuing His covenantal promises – this is what motivated them to be faithful.

· Feared the presence of the L-rd: They gave G-d priority.

v13 When the people responded, in obedience, to G-d He responded to them.

· If G-d is with us it doesn’t matter who our opposition is (Roms 8:31). When we put the worship of G-d above all things we will experience His anointing and power.

· “With you” is an expression that relates to redemption (G-d with us). Redemption is always connected to worship. (The Israelites were redeemed from Egypt in order to go and worship G-d – Ex 5:1)

v14 The chronological order of events is important. Haggai faithfully spoke the Word of the L-rd to the leaders (v1-2) and then to the people (v3). They heard and wanted to obey (v12). G-d affirmed that He was with them (v13). Then they were empowered to do the work required (v14).

· Jehozadak means “The L-rd is righteous”

· They came and worked: They did not just stumble over the work. G-d, through prophetic revelation, showed them what needed to be done. Prophetic revelation caused them to turn and to repent. When G-d’s Spirit touched them (see that the remnant is referred to again in this verse) they were able to do the work G-d required, and they were able to be pleasing to G-d.

v15 This prophecy began on the 1st day of the sixth month (v1) and this section ends 24 days later – they are still in the month of Elul, still in the month of preparation and repentance.

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