The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 2

Our final reding this week is Hebrews 10:11-15

v11: If we rely on the Torah and think that that is sufficient for us to become a Kingdom people, we are sadly mistaken. Those sacrifices were never able to deal with the problem of sin sufficiently, eternally, completely. Only through Messiah Yeshua, offering His own blood – once and for all – was sin dealt with sufficiently, eternally. 

v12: One sacrifice for sins forever: The sacrifice of Messiah has a perpetual characteristic to it. This means that it is never ending and does not have the ability to be changed. We can, therefore, have assurance in Messiah’s sacrifice – it purchased eternal life for us. The resurrection testifies to this. G-d raised Yeshua from the dead as testimony to the fact that He accepted Messiah’s offering of Himself. 

Note: True believers come to Messiah because they no longer want to live in sin. Receiving eternal life/salvation is not a license for them to sin. They have turned to Christ for that exact reason – to turn away from sin. True believers are saved forever, there is nothing that they can do to change that. To have that assurance and then want to go out and live a sinful life is not the attitude of a true believer. A true believer knows that sin affects their own lives as well as the lives of others. 

Our assurance of salvation should encourage us, spur us on to love, to obey, to behave in a way that is pleasing to Him. That is what the doctrine of assurance of salvation should produce in a believer’s life.

v13: His enemies are made His footstool: Messiah’s powerful and sufficient work/victory over death destroys the enemies of G-d (those who, in this world or in the spiritual domain, are against the plans and purposes of G-d). His victory has caused Him to be the ruler of a Kingdom of righteousness. 

v14: He has perfected: This word for ‘perfected’ means perfect in the past, perfect for today and perfect on into the future. One sacrifice was enough for perfection to be obtained.  

  • Sanctified: These things have a purpose in order to bring about permanency, sharpen them and make right forever those who are being sanctified.  

v15: After He had said – after He did His work He (the Holy Spirit) reminded us (through the Scripture) of what had been said beforehand – this good news of the new covenant. We have a better understanding of what was said previously (i.e. before Messiah came) after Messiah had come and completed His work. 

Whenever we see reference to the Holy Spirit we need to be thinking about the order of G-d being worked out in the life of a person. The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit as being our helper. His anointing, power and provision in our lives is given to us so that the new covenant expectation can be manifested in our lives. The Holy Spirit corrects our hearts, and it is only with these new hearts that G-d’s desires become our desires. When His desires are our desires, He can give us the desire of our hearts. The Holy Spirit is the One who guides, directs, empowers, and teaches us so that we might walk in obedience to the will of G-d.

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