The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 2

We go onto a slightly shorter portion: Hebrews 12:14-17

v14: Pursue peace with all: This is a New Testament commandment. So often G-d’s revelation comes to us by way of commandments. They are instruments of wisdom for us, and help us to position ourselves to be led, and empowered, by the Spirit of G-d. Do not be at odds with other people as much as it depends on you (Rom 12:18). Seek reconciliation – to ‘pursue’ is an active or doing word.  

  • Holiness: Walking in obedience to the purposes of G-d. 
  • Without which: Without holiness
  • Noone will see the L-rd: We would not have a good understanding of who G-d is and how He requires us to behave in given situations. 

v15: Looking diligently: See to it. The word used here is that of an ‘overseer’ in verbal form. Overseers supervise or pay close attention to those (things) that they are in charge of. 

  • Fall short: Do not fall short of
  • Grace: Grace is key in saving a person, but grace also teaches us to deny ungodliness and to live properly (Titus 2:11-12). The author is telling us to not fall short, after salvation, of living in a proper and pleasing way. 
  • Root of bitterness springing up: If we are not living properly then we are living improperly. 
  • Defiled: Something that is not usable.  When we have a root of bitterness and do not love others (a demonstration of the sanctifying influence of grace in our lives) the outcome is defilement, and we will not be able to be used by G-d. This defilement has nothing to do with salvation. It simply means that we will not be used by G-d for His purposes. The solution to this is repentance. 

v16: This is the New Testament perspective of Esau (see notes on Heb 11:20). 

  • His birthright: He was not interested in the plans and purposes of G-d. 

v17: Repentance: There are some things that, even though we repent of them, are not restored back to us. They are lost to us. 

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